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More Street Scams

by Prince Of Petworth May 1, 2008 at 11:08 pm 13 Comments

This one from a reader on Irving Street:

Hello PoP:

This morning @ 8:00 a man (about 35 yrs old, 5-9, 160 lbs) knocked at my door, my brother in law answered. This fellow, in a friendly manner, told of his need for $18.00 to take a cab to the hospital to pick up his father. He explained that he lived “a couple doors down.” I asked him to point more clearly to the house – he said grey porch a few down. I asked him the house number – he said “21” (meaning 521 or 621 on this block.) I proceeded to walk to that house with him now saying he was ok and didn’t want to ask for the money now. Sure enough, the house was not 521 or 621 and he walked away. I would not have been adverse to loaning the money but since it was so easy to verify where he said he lived, I did so.

Also disturbing was that he approached our house at a time later than when I can easily be seen leaving for work, so I wonder if in addition to the money scam, was he also checking to se if the house was empty and easy to break into (we have no bars.) Saving grace is that brother in law works from the house.

Do you think this was handled appropriately, or should you just say, sorry and close the door?


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