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Ellwood Thompson’s Grocery Store May Still Open in DCUSA Complex in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth May 6, 2008 at 10:38 pm 20 Comments

The New Columbia Heights blog is reporting that Ellwood Thompson’s grocery store is still trying to get a lease in the DC USA Complex. The blog says that the store “carries a lot of organic and free-range products, buys a lot of its meat and produce from local farmers, and has a lot of standards for their products.”

I strongly support organic and free range products. Having said that I just can’t get excited about this prospect. I’m perfectly happy with the Giant right across the street. I’d be stoked for something new like when we heard about the REI or maybe a Borders books store but I just can’t get too excited about a grocery store opening up right across the street from a new grocery store. Is it just me or am I missing something? Is there great excitement about the possibility of another grocery store in Columbia Heights?

Ed. note: Despite the many recent posts on grocery stores, I swear I am not obsessed by them. I am, however, obsessed with grocery carts but that’s a whole other post.


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