Washington, DC


I don’t know why I was previously afraid to walk into these galleries. Perhaps I thought it was my penchant for Taco Bell, Ping Pong and throwing horseshoes that originally gave me pause. But much like Gallery NevinKelly, Gallery Plan b, located at 1530 Fourteenth Street, is also super nice and welcoming. I spoke with gallery director, David Kalamar, who told me the gallery has been open for three years. Gallery b showcases mostly local artists and generally rotates shows every four to six weeks. I had just caught the tail end of “Taking Sides” by Rod Glover. The press release described his works shown as an “exploration of and experimentation with geometric abstraction.” And indeed it was very cool. Unfortunately the show has just ended. But you are in luck because the next one sounds super cool as well. From April 2 – May 11 the gallery will be showing the works of a 95 year old local Washingtonian, Marilee H. Shapiro. From the press release: “At the age of 95…she continues to create fluid and powerful sculptures (both large and small) as well as narrative, three dimensional dioramas.” The opening reception is Saturday, April 5th from 5pm – 8pm. And the gallery’s regular hours are Wed-Sat 12-7, Sun 1-5. It is well worth checking out, even if you like Taco Bell…


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