Washington, DC

IMG_7364, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Once again for the expats: You can really see the building starting to rise up. It’s still hard to imagine what 8 stories will ultimately look like but it is very exciting.

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  1. At this rate it seems like they are adding a story a week – it’s going FAST now that the foundation is done. The building at the corner of Georgia & Taylor that will have the Yes Organic Market is also ~ 2 stories tall now.

  2. Yeah for us !!!!

  3. Yes, I was positively surpised too. Indeed, its amazing how quickly these things go up once they are above ground. AND, how damned slow it is to get them completely finished with all the trimming etc. etc.

  4. are these for sure condos or apts?

  5. Prince Of Petworth

    When I spoke with Chris Donatelli he said they were for sure condos…obviously that could change in a year but at the moment they are condos. And I think they are taking reservations.


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