• don’t just pour out a little….pour it all out. yuck…

  • CandidaFan

    A great little bookstore that will be missed. It’s depressing that a city like DC can’t support such a wonderful store.

    I did always wonder how Candida could stand the brutal hours. It seems that she was almost always behind the counter. I saw it as a sacrifice she made to bring us all those great books about the world. I guess she got tired of all the sacrifice for too little return.

  • reuben

    As Tupac said- “Pour out a little liquor”. I loved this bookstore….
    It’s a dang shame….

  • As well, her place has been hidden behind all that construction activity, machines, and noise for, what… a year or something? Can’t be good for business…….

  • farragut st

    Sad trend happening with independent bookstores…

  • Eric

    I loved this place too, but really, can DC support a travel books only bookstore? Maybe an Olson’s or something, but once that block became expensive, how could it have lasted?

  • Eric’s right. I’d venture that Candida’s downfall had less to do with sidewalk construction and more to do with the fact that she served such a niche market. Of course, her selection wasn’t simply “travel”–it was really more of an international bent. Still, though, when you couple the rather minimal selection with the fact that the store simply wasn’t conducive to hanging around in–rather cramped aisles and nowhere to sit down and relax–it’s not a great surprise that Candida had to close. It’s unfortunate that she didn’t make it, but this isn’t necessarily the death knell for independent bookstores in DC. It’s more of a warning against an untenable business model.


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