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by Prince Of Petworth February 11, 2008 at 11:25 pm 21 Comments

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What the hell is up with all these gatorade flavors that give you no indication of what they taste like? I was so hungover at this point, I just wanted a delicious lemon lime. But no! I had to decide between ‘Rain’ and ‘Frost’. What the hell does ‘Rain’ taste like? Because it was light green, I though at least it would taste like lemon lime. But in reality it just tastes like a melted green ice pop. What the hell happened to the proper flavors? Who does this marketing campaign appeal to anyway?

  • I’m with you man. My favorite is still the original Orange.

    Though I have to say for hangovers, the orange vitamin water works miracles. Of course, along the same lines, the orange vitamin water doesn’t taste like orange, it just looks like orange. I think it’s called Energy or Essential. Good stuff anyway.

  • Generally speaking: If rain is green, baby, don’t touch it.

  • mjbrox

    The really stupid part about rain is that it still has the same amount of calories. All these drinks you see are all crap! Gatorade, Snapple, Vitamin Water, Minute Made, Coke, Pepsi. They are all the same thing, High Fructose Corn syrup. Now I am not exactly sure what High Fructose Corn syrup is, but I am confident that it is bad.

  • dk

    Rain is just a line of gatorade, not a flavor.
    And, mjbrox is right, even the new “low calorie” gatorade, G2, has high fructose corn syrup. It’s the partially hydrogenated oils of the 21st century. It’s just bad for you.
    And it’s in everything. Try buying groceries while trying to completely avoid high fructose corn syrup.

  • Anonymous

    Fun fact: Subway puts high fructose corn syrup in its “fresh baked” bread.

  • cristobal

    try honest tea…. its really pure tea from a company based in bethesda, and the stuff tastes and feels so *clean* going down that it seems to kick your health up a notch or two… it does for me anyway. you know, i applied for an open position there last summer and didnt get it, but i just cant bring myself to hate the company or the product… curse you honest tea and your delightful beverages!!!

    check it out :)

  • Anonymous

    FYI Cristobal, Coca Cola just purchased 40% of Honest Tea.

  • dk, I have no trouble avoiding high fructose corn syrup when I buy grocercies. I just stick to the perimeter of the store. Actually, DC stores have strange layouts so that’s not always the case, but in most stores the perimeter has the fresh produce, dairy, meats, and seafood, and that’s all you need. Occasionally I have to venture into the baking/spices aisle but that’s about it.

    Also, I second the Honest Tea recommendation. I hardly ever drink bottled tea, but I have tried it and it’s good! They don’t overload it with sugar like everyone else does. There’s even a nifty graph on the back illustrating where the optimal sugar point is.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard the wheat bread at Subway is not really whole wheat at all. They just dye it brown or something. I always thought it didn’t feel/taste like whole wheat, and that it was oddly sweet (that would be the hfcs).

  • Parkwood Person

    mjbrox and engineergirl are right on!

    As a Registered Dietitian, I limit my beverage consumption to tap water, an occasional small glass of 100% fruit or vegetable juice, non-fat milk, and a cup of coffee a day (with a little real sugar and cream). Oh— and the occasional beer, wine or cocktail (and when I say “cocktail”, I mean something like a Manhattan or martini- I’m a big fan of keeping high fructose corn syrup out of my diet, *especially* out of my cocktails). Calorie for Calorie, I’d much rather have a Manhattan than a “Flavored Water.”

    But that’s just me.

  • pauper

    george burns lived forever on alcohol and cigars….if it can work for him, it can work for me

  • mjbrox

    Registered Dietitian,

    Do you ever watch the biggest loser? I love that show.

    Anyway, Jillian tells the contestants that they should never drink their calories. I think that is a really good point.

    I participate in Triathlons and I do a lot of long MTBike rides and for the longest time I would only drink the powdered Gatorade since it had less sugar and more salt. Now I have switched to much more fancy hydration aids by Hammer. I still drink powdered Gatorade for 30-45 min runs in the summer.

    What is really weird about Gatorade is that the powdered Orange and Grape flavors have Trans Fat…..but the Lemon Lime does not

  • mjbrox

    George Burns was a physical anomaly

  • pauper

    so am i…i’m doubled jointed

  • Anonymous

    Missing the point people….high fructose corn syrupy drinks with a slight hint of lemon are just what you want with a killer hangover….not too, too sweet, but mellow like classic Gatorade….then something greasy/salty like buttered toast, eggs, hashbrowns, and taylor ham…..taken slowly, as your head and stomach get up to the challenge.

  • Parkwood Person

    No, no, a Bloody Mary is just what you need for a killer hangover. Let’s be civilized here people…. :)

    mjbrox- I started doing triathlons last year and do powdered gatorade during long rides. Or a gel and water. So- I take back everything I said about only drinking water and bourbon! There IS a time and a place for gatorade/powerade etc, but that time and place is very slim.

  • mjbrox

    Parkwood Person,

    Are you a member of DCTRI club? I actually only do off road Tri’s but I am always looking for some one to run or swim with.

    Shoot me an email Mjbrox at yahoo dot com

  • Flipflopirate

    When I’m hurtin’ with a thirst born from a night of bachanal consumption and lewd activities nothing quenches my bourbon scorched pallate like the blood of innocents… a great source of protein and electrolytes; nothing hits the spot like the heart-juice of the pure of heart.

    Experience the flavor of Hemaglobacola, sold at an Orphanareum near you…

    …seriously folks what ever happened to some good ‘ol H20?

  • I’m with you all on the high fructose corn syrup. But the reason it’s in everything is pretty simple: the sugar lobby. Once sugar started getting ridiculously expensive (because you basically can’t import it, the tariffs are so high) companies started replacing it with high fructose corn syrup, which is just a highly processed corn product. It began about the early 1980s/late 1970s. Even Whole Foods uses it in their 360 brand soda. I think it’s evil though. And avoid it.

    Taquerias in California sell Mexican coke, which is made with real sugar. It tastes so much better. And much sweeter.

    There are some brands of soda, mostly small companies, that still sell soda with real sugar. They carry some of those at Trader Joe’s.

    A couple other thoughts:

    1. Studies have shown that chocolate milk is actually better at rehydrating you than sports drinks. Chocolate works similar in replacing electrolytes and the milk helps you retain hydration. I drink a lot of chocolate soy milk. I suspect it works similarly plus: you get the better soy proteins.

    2. Stay away from diet sodas. I was just reading at Kottke.org that diet soda actually lowers your metabolism. My uncle thinks it has something to do with your body actually thinking its getting real sweeter when its not, which sounds plausible to me.

  • thom202

    I don’t get the label but if I am drinking Gatoraid; I like Frost.

    That said I am mainly a water, diet soda, beer, wine guy.

  • mjbrox

    chocolate milk is actually a great recovery drink after a long hard work out. It is actually better than the expensive mixes. I still use the mixes since they do not spoil in my hot car


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