Holy Cow: House Collapses on Quincy St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth February 1, 2008 at 7:08 pm 6 Comments

02-01-08_1756, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks to this tip from a reader: “Hey POP – the side of 729 Quincy Street just collapsed – the whole side of the house is gone. (It was abandoned.) DC FD all over the place too!”

Just got better photos from the reader. Check out more after the jump.

  • Local celebrity note:

    See that brown fence that the cops and the firemen are using to go into the backyard? That’s the residence of a certain guitarist of Ra Ra Rasputin!!!!

    On the realness, though, , I nearly flipped a shit when I got home. There were sirens everywhere. According to my roommate, there’s been signs of collapse for quite sometime. He filed a few reports back in October, and only now, when it’s too late, has anyone decided to do anything about it. I just looked out the window, and they’ve cleared off Quincy and there’s still a lot of people out there.

  • legalcat

    I know this town is strange, but. . . I live at the corner of Quincy and Georgia and just witnessed a police escort for what appears to be a big construction backhoe on a semi-trailer at midnight! I presume it is to start the demolition for this structure. Never before have I seen a police escort in the middle of the night for a piece of construction equipment. Living on Georgia Ave is always interesting.

  • SM

    I saw it this morning around 10am – they are definitely tearing down the house.

  • Alex

    Yes, more than half the house is gone by now. There are cops everywhere. I live on the 800 block of Quincy and nearly freaked out when I got home this morning because it looked like someone had set off a bomb or something.

  • Oh weird. I thought with all the fire trucks it was a fire when I saw it on Friday night. Saw on Saturday that they were taking it down and thought, PoP will have what’s going on. And I was right. Good work.

  • Kevin



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