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Great News Coming to Petworth

by Prince Of Petworth February 19, 2008 at 11:50 pm 11 Comments

A “small vintage furniture & collectibles shop” is opening up at 810 Upshur Street – across the street from Domku.  I’ll be taking pictures as soon as it is set up and will let you all know when it’s open for business.  All I can say is that it is pretty sweet that this type of shop will be opening on Upshur, can’t wait to check out the goods.

  • morgan

    I’m impressed when people open up stores like that. i’d love to do it. it’s gutsy.

  • labgirl

    This is really exciting. I noticed some nice things on display in the front window of this shop already…

  • oliveskinnednica

    what did the store used to be?

  • cristobal

    sort of off subject, but speaking of furniture…does anyone know of a place that sells pieces from area designers? not like handmade pieces that go for thousands, but rather reworked pieces from goodwill or craigslist…. like a side chair left by a dumpster in alexandria that someone reclaimed, painted grass green, and upholstered in a sky blue toille…any ideas?

  • MKing

    There is a new shop of this type on 14th between Crittenden and Decatur – called Ethel’s Treasures. It has some great stuff and the owner is a neighbor.

  • dryskinnedkev

    I think the store front was empty before the vintage retail business moved in. Speaking of the 800 block of Upshur, does anyone know what the deal is with Beverage Mania? I can’t quite figure out what this business’s business is.

  • SM

    this is the perfect kind of shop for Petworth and I’m sure i’ll be a frequent customer. I’ll check out the one on 14th St too!

  • GforGood

    Sounds like a risky business and has to be veru careful about its quality vs. price point.. Anyway, great to see it coming.

    Cristobal, there is “Good Wood” on U St too (between 14 and 15th I think) – a bit overpriced in my opinion, and in many cases they don’t seem to do much to the furniture in terms of restoring them before putting them for sale.

  • Anonymous

    Is this the Dudley Beauty place on the corner? If not, what’s up with that place? It looks like a big lot, would be a great location for another restaurant or store?

  • matt

    Dudley Beauty, according to Google, is at 800 Upshur; this place is 810, so a door or two down.

  • SM

    sigh re: Dudley I WISH they would do something to that place. (The antique store is in another location on this block) I was totally shocked to Dudley open for business one day – in two years living around the corner I had never seen any signs of life. With the corner location it would make a great restaurant. Heck, it might even make a decent beauty supply store if it didn’t look abandoned and they actually ever tried to sell anything.


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