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Did Anyone Get In To Cork This Weekend?

by Prince Of Petworth February 4, 2008 at 12:29 am 7 Comments

IMG_6756, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

I tried to go to Cork on 14th Street, in the old Sparky’s location, on Saturday night and the place was mobbed. I must say from the looks of things it seemed pretty damn cool. So what’s the word, thumbs up or thumbs down? Check out some photos inside after the jump. I promise to do a proper review when I can get seated but from the looks of things that may be a while…

  • Anonymous

    I went Thursday night…thumbs up from me from one experience. I look forward to seeing how things evolve as the crowds lessen…that is usually when great service either shines or disappoints.

  • anderlank

    Amazing. The renovation is stunning. Your photos of the front room show how well they have renovated that space but you have to walk to the back of the restaurant to grasp how much gutting and remodeling they did. It now makes sense why they took so long to open. The old upstairs of Sparky’s is now a loft dining area over an open wine cellar. Beyond the loft is a new dining area carved out of the old garage behind sparky’s. Looming over this rear dinins space is a huge picture window looking into the kitchen. The renovation incorporates modern loft elements such as polished concrete floors and exposed ductwork with some more traditional and warmer elements such as heavy milled trim around the windows and wood rafters. The soft lighting from the ultra-mod bare incandescent pendants and tabletop votives added to the warm atmosphere.

    Oh, and the food is good! We tried sunchokes (YUM!), calamari (pretty dull and not crisp), roasted tomato and chevre bruschetta (excellent balance of roasted sweetness and cheese), chicken pate with caramelized onion marmelade (awesome) and some nice briney olives. Some of the items are a little pretentious on the menu such as the caesar salad that is called: chopped romaine hearts with creamy anchovy dressing, parmesan and burgundy croutons. Regardless, it was all pretty good and there is an excellent selection of well-priced wines.

    We got there early so didn’t have to wait long for a table of 6 in the back. I’ll be very happy to go there more frequently once the mobs have had their crack at it.

  • Downtown Rez

    I love the look of tin ceilings, and I like them at places where we want a loud and lively atmosphere, but that’s not the atmosphere I look for in a wine bar.

  • We tried–stopped in on Thursday night, but it was packed. We briefly considered getting a drink and standing in a corner, but we couldn’t really read the wine list and the place was quite loud. We’ll try again on a different night.

    On an aisde, we ended up hoofing it over to Vinoteca. Aside from a really good wine list, the sliders they serve (from the appetizer menu) are out-of-this-world fabulous. I’d love the place more if they didn’t have that tacky shower wall-esque red tiling thing going on.

  • Anonymous

    I heard that Ron Tanaka (ex-sous chef from CityZen and Citronelle) is the chef? And that Paisley Fig (best desserts in DC!) is doing the desserts? If this is true, the food will be spectacular! Though I will wait for the crowd to tame down.

  • 13th and Clifton

    Made it on Saturday night. The frites were great, as was the wine, of course. Our waiter was very friendly and fun. Service was slow, but we forgave since they were so packed and so new. The renovations are beautiful. It has cool vibe and the crowd was very chill. I can’t wait to go back when the buzz has worn off a little.

  • Looks very nice, too bad we had to lose one of the best little cafes in DC to do it. Seems a rather horrific replacement, really. Fun and funky a great place to relax with friends and read, with another ‘upscale’ restaurant catering to a seemingly lilly white crowd. Can’t say that I’ll ever go. Would be too depressing.


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