Comment From the Owner of Restaurant Going into the Bi-Rite at 11th and Park in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth February 20, 2008 at 11:53 pm 20 Comments

“My name is John Andrade, owner of Asylum in Adams Morgan and owner of what will be The Meridian Pint at 11th & Park. So much has been said about 3DG’s building design so I won’t get into that but I would like to touch on my ideas for my space. To clarify, it is not going to be a Belgian restaurant, it is going to be an American style restaurant and lounge with international flavors. The beer will be draft only to minimize environmental impact as well as noise impact from the dumping of bottles. With 20 beers on draft I intend to have a large selection with strong Belgian influences. Wine will also be in abundance and both beer and wine will come with pairing suggestions for an excellent dinner experience.

Since I am still in the planning stages I welcome any comments or suggestions that anyone may have. If there is something in particular you’d like to see me incorporate into the design or menu I’d be happy to consider it.”

John Andrade
[email protected]

  • 20 drafts?
    How to decide?
    One of each, please…

  • Sveiks

    I am EXTREMELY excited about this news. Any idea on when this place might open? 2009 probably?

  • Richard

    Any chance to get Abieta Turbo dog on tap?

  • j of the jtl

    get me some good ipa’s on tap…

    and make sure all your shit is together before you open. don’t half ass it or have a weak staff in place upon opening. and make sure the food is on point. i feel that other places that have opened in the ‘hood haven’t been ready for prime time when they opened and i haven’t rushed back to any of them.

  • Alicia

    Bell’s Oberon?

  • Anonymous

    this is AWESOME! the andrades have done a tremendous job with asylum. they’ve been an anchor on 18th street and have always been one of the best of the establishment owners in terms of giving back to the community. just look at their little tree box in front of asylum–they’ve put more time and energy into their flowers than anyone on the strip. plus good food, reasonable prices, vegan selections. i can’t wait for this new place to open.

  • El Gringo

    Asylum is def a highlight on 18th st and I look forward to you guys getting something going in CH…my advice is to aim for the middle ground b/w Wonderland and The Heights… not wannabe high end dining, not too “packed like sardines bar”…just a nice place that neighborhood folks will want to chill at for dinner or a good thursday night bender….not really any place like that around the CH metro right now.

  • Patrick

    Good Stouts and Porters please! I know everyone’s all about the belgians and whites and fruit floating, but give me a stout that ISN’T guinness, please!

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to it! Any nonstandard drafts are great, see you when it opens.

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  • mad clamor

    holy crap this is awesome.

  • Anonymous

    I’m thrilled it’s not another chain restaurant. Yippee for the local folk!

  • leslie

    I would be sooo happy if you also include many vegetarian themes here too. Thanks.

  • Mr. Pint

    I’m so happy to hear so much positive feedback.

    Just to respond to a few:

    Bell’s Oberon, yes, I already had it at Asylum and it rocks, however, it’s been replaced now with Bell’s Double Cream Stout.

    Abita Turbo Dog is great too and will likely have some time in the line up.

    Vegans and Vegetarians will always have a place in my establishments.

    Manicured tree boxes like at Asylum, absolutely.

    Opening hinges on 3DG’s progress but hopefully October/November.

    Having my shit together? I will do my best to provide an exception experience from the day we open. If not, you all have my email and I welcome comments directly.

    Btw, I’m still looking for a chef in case anyone has any leads.

    Thank you again to everyone for their support.

    John Andrade
    [email protected]

  • GforGood

    Although you down played the Belgian theme, I would love some good thick frittes, fried twice, and served with some good mayo. A pot of steaming mussels + frittes combo would be nice (although I am not a big mussels fan). Brussel’s style waffles would be an awesome dessert item.

  • Ron

    Belgians are nice, but please include some American micros. IPAs, stouts, porters, ambers. Some of the best beer is made domestically, in my view.

  • Gurlnexdore

    another vote for yummy, creative, and substantial (that means with protein) vegetarian selections! please please don’t cop out with pasta only. let’s have something original. maybe 2 or 3 original vegetarian entrees? well, i can dream.

  • Cameron


    Glad to hear that Bell’s is getting some love–especially Oberon. In Western MI (and when it was a mainstay in Chicago), there were celebrations each year when the first batch was released. Perhaps that tradition could live on at The Meridian Pint now that Bell’s has fully expanded into the DC market.

    Can I also request that you not forget the simple mainstays (something like Shiner or even Yuengling) for “quantity” nights?

  • Steigs

    Victory’s Golden Monkey on draft would be fabulous! It’s half the reason I go to Red Rocks…

  • dj

    Although the name implies otherwise, the New Belgium Brewing Company (Fat Tire) is out of Colorado and it’s great — if you can get it this far east.


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