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  • Susan

    I vote for Neighbor’s Consejo

  • El Gringo

    I vote for first time computers….we’re an online community that may have extra computer equipment to donate in addition to whatever money we raise – doubling our positive impact!

    …and as we are all aware – not having a computer is like a lead weight around your neck if you’re trying to get yourself or your kids into a better place in the world.

  • Neighbor’s Consejo

  • engineergirl

    I don’t know a whole lot about the other organizations, but I just wanted to say that the guy at First Time Computers was extremely pleasant when I brought in my old desktop tower. It was rather old and I didn’t think they’d be that excited to receive it, but he sounded geniunely grateful. I agree with El Gringo that people without computers — especially teenagers and young adults– are going to really be held back in society unless they get one. And FTC is recycling old equipment that a lot of people would normally toss in the trash.

  • Anonymous

    Martha’s Table is a great organization. I would like to point out that a lot of the boutiques in the neighborhood will be participating in The District Sample Sale, with all proceeds going to Martha’s Table.


  • I agree with El Gringo’s sentiments. I vote for First Time Computer.

  • Anonymous

    el gringo convince me…we are an online community, lets help out First Time Computer

  • Anonymous

    I vote for Heads Up. They have great programs for kids after school and in the summer.

  • oliveskinnednica

    first time comps….also, anyone have any recommendations for charities that pick up furniture (besides salvation army).

  • The Neighbor

    First time computers!!!

  • Otis Gal

    Martha’s Table!

  • Thanks, PoP, for including my nomination: EFFORTS.

    They are a great group of people. Helping ex-offenders re-enter society productively may not be the ‘sexiest’ or most glamorous cause, but it has a huge impact on many individual lives and on the community as whole. I cast my vote for them.

  • Anonymous

    Given the number of ex-offenders in Washington DC, and the effect that re-offending has on society (as well as the social problems caused by such a large percentage of DC homes without parents because of jail time) I vote for EFFORTS!

  • Lindsay

    Martha’s Table…

  • By the way PoP, a comments section that permits people to post anonymously or under any number of made-up names would not pass many checks for voter fraud. :)

    Thankfully you must have an honest readership, but if some people with an agenda find out about this contest, they could sway the results!

  • leslie

    Full disclaimer: I used to work for Heads Up as a fundraiser. But I liked the program and working with kids so much that I recently finished my master’s in school counseling and hope to be securing a public school position by next fall.

    Heads Up pairs college students and community members to run out-of-school time programs in the elementary schools. Not only does it help the elementary students stay safe after school, they also get a group of young, hip, energetic role models at a time of day when most of the adults around them (teachers and parents) are already spent from a long day of work. Many of those college students go on to become teachers and community activists as a result of their involvement.

  • bogfrog

    a vote for First Time Computers –

  • chuck

    Another vote for FirstTimeComputers…but in the interest of full disclosure, I founded and run ABC Charter School at 209 Upshur and we have received some computers from them – we received high quality fast machines for our our student to use to support their education. It is a truly wonderful organization.

  • Sara

    I vote for Heads Up!

  • MKing

    Heads Up

  • Nita

    My vote goes to Heads Up. I tried to donate to First Time computers, but whomever I spoke with on the phone didn’t really want to spend any time talking to me once he determined my equipment was too old.

  • Anonymous

    I vote for Heads Up.

  • Meredith

    My vote goes to Heads Up!!

  • Tom

    I vote for Head’s Up

  • El Gringo

    Regarding old equipment – I should have mentioned that First Time computers doesn”t want equipment that is more than ~7 years old. That ended up meaning that I couldn’t donate my perfectly fucntional 1999 laptop, but in retrospect I have to say I think that’s a pretty fair cutoff, especially since once you pass the computer on to someone you’re probably hoping that it will last them at least another 2-3 years without dying on them….

    Further details here:


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