I Usually Don’t Comment On Comments But…

by Prince Of Petworth January 4, 2008 at 12:26 am 30 Comments

This excerpt from a comment on the post An unpleasant walk home at 1:32am.

Now I’ll think again before dreaming of those low housing prices in Petworth. These stories make Capitol Hill seem worth the price.”

People who think that what I experienced only happens in Petworth are living in a fantasy land. Now, I’m very fond of Capitol Hill but I can cite dozens upon dozens of incidents including home invasion, rape, muggings etc in Capitol Hill (and the “safe” parts too.). I’m not trying to pit one neighborhood against another here but to label Petworth unlivable just because of this one incident is unacceptable and quite frankly ludicrous. Petworth indeed does have some crime, so does Columbia Heights and guess what? So does Capitol Hill and Adams Morgan and Georgetown and practically every other neighborhood in the city. I was a jackass walking home alone at 1:32 in the morning. I’m not saying I’ll stop walking alone but shit goes down at 1:32 am. Dang, I’m starting to ramble a bit here, am I making any sense?


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