Washington, DC

Well apparently it is a cross between a loft and a hostel. And thanks to a reader for pointing it out to me, we have one right in Petworth at 4115 8th Street, NW. Does that address sound familiar? Indeed this location was featured a few weeks back as a pop up renovation I visited. And now it is a LOFTSTEL. According to their Web site “Loftstel is the #1 destination for international students and interns”. Daily rates are $25 and monthly rates are $400. Interestingly the Web site breaks down the patrons like so:

* average length of stay : 5 weeks
* median age : 24 years
* gender ratio: 39% male, 61% female
* international mix: 58% are foreign

Apparently there are also “LOFSTELs” in Philadelphia and New York City. The reader who alerted me to this development, I think justifiably, asks is this even legal? Good question, does this establishment need a special permit? What do you guys think, is this a good addition to the neighborhood or a disaster waiting to happen? Actually I should stay a night there, that would be a freakin’ awesome post…stay tuned…


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