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Heads Up if You Park Your Car on Hiatt Place Between Park and Irving

by Prince Of Petworth January 10, 2008 at 10:38 pm 0

I love the fact that the thief stole only one shoe. I’d say it is the silver lining of this whole story. But seriously, probably not a good idea to leave anything in plain sight in your car overnight that may tempting to a thief (and never underestimate what is tempting to a thief). The reader writes:

“Just want to let your readers know who live in or around columbia heights and park their car on Hiatt place that there have been a string of incidences where cars have been broken into and random things have been taken from cars. My roommate’s car was a victim and they stole a dress, one shoe (not the other that was right next to it) and her toyota manual (out of the glove compartment). The individual who broke the window also left a great big blood stain on her passenger seat, I guess they failed to get a rock or metal tube from the nearby construction. Police were already there by the time she got to her car but she was not the only one.”


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