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This is fantastic news. A great addition to the restaurant scene. So has anyone been to the Sake Club in Woodley Park? Please tell me it is good sushi. Now we just need a good Greek place to open up…

From the press release: Donatelli Development announced today that an agreement has been reached with the owners of Sake Club, a popular sushi and sake restaurant located on Connecticut Avenue in Woodley Park, to build a new restaurant in the retail portion of Highland Park, bringing to six the number of restaurants expected to open in the building.

The new Sake Club restaurant will be 1,800 square feet, facing Irving Street near the western end of the Highland Park development, about half way between 14th and 15th streets. The owners expect to build a restaurant with a similar look and feel to the one in Woodley Park, which will complement the other restaurant offerings in the building:

– A fine-dining restaurant in the British “gastropub” style, with an eclectic but accessible and affordable menu, from Hank’s Oyster Bar founder Jamie Leeds;

– Five Guys Burgers and Fries, started in 1986 just a few miles away in Arlington, since expanded into a franchise operation covering 16 states and the District of Columbia;

– Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza, featuring fresh pizza, pastas, panini, soups, antipasto, salads and gelato, as well as a selection of domestic and Italian wines and beer;

– Potbelly Sandwich Works, offering sandwiches made to order, salads, soups, smoothies and various sweets; and

– Zinnia, a locally owned sit-down restaurant serving an exotic menu of Caribbean foods and drinks, tapas-style, in a comfortable lounge environment.

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  1. That is great news! Thanks for sharing. I haven’t been to the Sake Club, so I can’t speak for its greatness, but just having the option is good news in my book.

  2. Sake Club is good sushi albeit a bit expensive. Sushi generally isn’t on the cheap side – cheap fish doesn’t sound too good to me, but I digress. The decor at the Woodley Park location is dark, deep red walls and velvet curtains – very romantic. Wonder what the ambiance of this location will be like? But basically, if you like sake, then you’ll love Sake Club because they have a huge selection. I recommend getting a “tasting”, which is basically an assortment of sake and it was a great compliment to the sushi.

  3. holy crap, all in one building? wow. pretty exciting.

  4. I’ve been to Sake Club, it is really good, they have some pretty amazing specialty rolls

  5. Sake Club is my favorite restaurant in DC. Great food, good service… worth the extra money.

  6. Dang, I’m really getting to like the plans for this Highland Park place!

  7. oliveskinnednica

    when is highland park supposed to complete construction? Has it started?

  8. Fantastic and amazing news! Well done by the developers!

    Oliveskinnednica: its almost done. The one on the side of DC USA.

  9. I tend to think Sake Club is overpriced and mediocre. There are far, far better sushi places in DC, including some that are cheaper (Kotobuki anyone?). Hopefully this location will prove me wrong. I’m excited about the Caribbean place though–hoping its authentic rather than Rumberos style.

  10. What I really hope for is a competitor to move in for carry-out sushi. In New York City I saw carry-out sushi places offering multiple styles of same-day sushi at $4-8 a tray. I believe such a place can survive in DC so we don’t have to put up with Trader Joes’ sushi of the week.

  11. I believe such a place can survive in DC so we don’t have to put up with Trader Joes’ sushi of the week.

    Trader Joe’s sushi is nasty. Give me the real, raw deal authentic sushi any day. Yay for Sake Club!

  12. Re: Cheap sushi: Sushi should be cheap. It’s street food that has been elevated to fine dining. But it’s supposed to be cheap and quick. Like bar food. Or a side dish. Read the Sushi Economy to see how this happened.

    I miss the really good cheap sushi places in Northern California, especially the ones open when the bars closed. There’s nothing better on a beer filled stomach than some sushi.

  13. Adam Express on Mt. Pleasant St. has take-out sushi


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