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Thoughts From A Reader On School Closings

by Prince Of Petworth December 10, 2007 at 9:35 pm 15 Comments

“I am writing today, because i am discouraged by the list of school closings,

Bruce Monroe was on that list and is the best school I have seen in dc!

Yes the building could use some work, but the programs here are awesome to put it in the lease

This school just received a relationship with The Rosenbaum foundation for aSingapore Math pilot program Bringing the worlds foremost math expert on board.

They are about to with with A.I.R and their math group and the Federal Government to implement this.

The staffs morale is hurting and I am so discouraged with this system.

Why should we stay in it.

Do we care about our kids they will be lost and destroyed at Parkview.

Please reconsider this

From the heart of a teacher who cares probably too much

enrollment here is up, test scores are up, help us!!!!!!!!!!!

we have great leadership and our parrents are comming to me and want to go charter after this.



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  1. i wonder if that teacher is an english teacher…

    cuz he’s good! it’s a rarity to see someone making the english language more efficient and less ornerous. ;op

  2. That was some serious piss-poor writing. If Mr. Ginsburg is a teacher then he did the second worst job of defending his right to be a teacher, second to Mary Kay LeTourneau that is, let’s be honest. In all seriousness, I think that strange, grammatically incorrect writing style HAD to be some some kind of joke where a local wag pretended to be an incompetent teacher.

    I volunteered for the Bruce Monroe library event that Target put together in September and, you know, the school facility was pretty awful. Let’s not forget that Bruce Monroe was one of those horribly-designed “open” classroom spaces that should have been closed down and converted in 1979.

    I have a friend who teaches there and she was basically crying that all her friends who never got their teaching certifications were going to be fired.

    What? Didn’t Cafritz require those certifications?

    Yes, she explained, but a lot of the teachers never bothered to go to college and are upset that they might get fired.

    “HIGH FIVE FOR LOSERS GETTING FIRED!” I said. She sighed and said, “Yes, they really should, but some of them are good teachers.” I gave her “that look.” “Ok, she admitted, no good teacher would refuse to get certified or get a Master’s Degree.”

    Dr. Ginsburg, if this ridiculous email isn’t a prank, a PhD teacher will have no problem getting a job anywhere.

    If you don’t have a PhD, and you aren’t currently in graduate school, you don’t really belong in the teaching field and I’m sure that there will be options for you outside of academia.

    But I still vote that an email riddled with so many grammatical mistakes was a prank- no one is that stupid.

  3. seriously…i hate to be snarky, but hell, if you’re a teacher, proper grammar and punctuation would do a world of difference when attempting to get a serious point across.

  4. I think it was written by a parent.

  5. If I’m wrong and it was written by a parent, I apologize. There was a sentence fragment that read: “From the heart of a teacher,” so I presumed the person was a teacher at Bruce Monroe.

  6. Petworth Princess

    Honestly, I didn’t read this cause it had too many errors in it. I assumed it was a parent, never got to the teacher part. But, that said, I’d like for the people who think we should keep the various schools open to explain their reasoning to me, leaving out emotion etc.

  7. Oh my gawd, to put it in the lease really means to say the least. Don’t get me started on spelling, grammar, usage and punctuation errors. His point is still one worth talking about. But despite the fact that only 6 people have commented on proposed schools closing in Petworth, including my polling place Clark and Rudolph, this is an important issue. And no one is interested, at least not posting on this blog. This leads me to believe that the individuals with school-age children on this blog don’t send their kids to DC public schools, or at least not to neighborhood schools, or just don’t care. But Temperance Hall getting sold? That will rate over 30 comments.
    Bruce Monroe has an excellent principal, with an EdD, who was featured recently on a news program. She is an immigrant from El Salvador, and a long-time teacher and principal. She’s instituted a bilingual program at Bruce Monroe, and kept the non-Hispanic parents invested in the school by never playing favorites. Sure, the school’s enrollment has gone down, but the bilingual program has been an excellent addition. Bruce Monroe is not a school to be closed. In addition, Bruce Monroe’s building, though it needs repairs, is circa 1970s, considered one of the newer DCPS schools, as some were built in the 1920s.
    Rhee and Fenty do need to close some under-enrolled, ancient and poorly performing schools. But their current plan is so poorly thought out.
    Shouldn’t this discussion continue here?

  8. I have a friend who interprets for DCPS. She said that the meeting about the closing of Bruce Monroe (held at Tubman I think) was one of the most inspiring turnouts she saw (she was hired for several of the meetings). I believe that the administration would be foolish to close a school where parents actually turned out to try to stop it.
    I don’t think that they will risk the bad press. I am willing to support the closings they are proposing if it means in 5-10 years our city’s children will reap the benefits of the uncomfortable changes. I sincerely want my children to walk to the neighborhood school (when I have them that is).

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