Washington, DC

Random PoP Observation

Help me please, I have a serious problem.  Do you have a magazine subscription of any kind?  I get the New Yorker, mainly for the cartoons and so I can start conversations with “I read this article in the New Yorker…”.  But that’s neither here nor there.  You can have this problem with whatever magazine you subscribe to Economist, or Guns & Ammo.  So here it is:  I fell one week behind on my New Yorker and I am literally drowning in issues I haven’t read yet.  Ok, I’m not literally drowning but I am figuratively drowning.  I have this disease where I can’t throw out an unread New Yorker.  And another one just arrived today.  I’m starting to freak out.  I’m canceling plans so I can go home and read these damn things.  And many of the articles aren’t even that interesting.  How many times can one read about John McPhee’s obsessions with trains, fish, snails, etc.?  Well, actually, those are quite good but there are a lot of other boring articles.  So what can I do?  Can I throw out some of these magazines without having read them?  Is there some kind of self help group I can join to help with this problem?  Please tell me I’m not alone.


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