Washington, DC

Wicked Nice Porch Light

IMG_6004, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Hate changing your porch lightbulbs? Hate the environment and don’t want to purchase the new environmentally friendly longer lasting bulbs? Perhaps kicking it old school would be a good choice. This house sports a gas fed porch light. It’s kind of hard to tell from the photo but it looks great. I’ve also noticed a whole block of row homes on 13th St, just north of Logan Circle has the gas fed lights out front as well. Perhaps this is becoming a trend?  I wonder how difficult they are to maintain. Personally, I think I would kill myself. I am one of few people (thankfully) who tried to change my stove hood without turning off the electricity first. Why? Because I didn’t want to reset all the clocks! And yes, I got the shock of a lifetime. I also re-lit my boiler one year with out turning off the gas all the way, so perhaps this is not the light for me… What do you guys think pretty cool or more trouble than it’s worth?


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