Is She Crazy?

by Prince Of Petworth August 5, 2007 at 6:27 pm 28 Comments

I’ve always enjoyed reading Angela Valdez over at the Washington CityPaper. On Friday she recounts a walk home from a bar to her house in Petworth. Read the post here.

She wrote “We walked north on Sherman till we got to her place and then I decided to shortcut on Georgia to get myself home. I quickly realized I should have turned back to Sherman.”

This is something I’ve always tried to figure out but I’ve never gotten much feedback: what are the “rules” for walking home in the evening? Is there a cut off for when it wouldn’t be advisable to walk home? Is it ok to walk home late at night if you are not alone? Should Georgia Ave be avoided? I have written about this before and I’ve said everyone has their own comfort levels but surely there are general rules to be followed. I walked home last night at around midnight and I felt perfectly safe but I was not on Georgia Avenue. What walking home guidelines do you follow?


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