Washington, DC

10 Years in DC

I can hardly believe it but August marks 10 years since I moved to the District. And it has been almost five years living in Petworth. So much has changed, it boggles my mind. So what has changed:

Adams Morgan changed from an eclectic scene of bars and restaurants to a watered down version of itself. The “new” Adams Morgan is without a doubt the U St. neighborhood. I remember going to the State of the Union on U. Street to listen to live tunes 8 or 9 years ago and when the show was over you jumped into a cab (when you could find one) because there was nothing else to do (with the exception of Ben’s Chili Bowl of course).

When I first moved to DC I pretty much rotated between Adams Morgan and Cleveland Park. At the time Nanny O’Briens was, in my opinion, the greatest Irish bar in the District. Now it is under new ownership and it has lost its individuality, it almost feels like a chain. As a matter of fact, Cleveland Park itself seems to have lost some of its luster. In its main strip of stores, there are a number of empty ones most noticeably there is a big gap where the McDonald’s used to be, which has been vacant for quite some time now. I always used to secretly pine for Cleveland Park. But I can honestly say Columbia Heights/Petworth is far superior today.

As for changes in Petworth itself over the last five years well they have been substantial as well. For starters, cab drivers now know where Petworth is located. Obviously there are a lot more dining and drinking options. But even more interesting is the fact that there is also a lot more diversity. Petworth has one of the few mixed communities of White, Black and Hispanic residents that exist harmoniously. It is really obvious when you go grab a drink at Temperance.

Well, that is enough of my observations. What have you noticed that has changed (both positive and negative) about DC or Petworth/Columbia Heights since you’ve been here?


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