Remember this Condo from Columbia Heights?

by Prince Of Petworth June 25, 2007 at 5:37 pm 6 Comments

Prison Door Update Columbia Heights, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This is an updated photo from that condo development in CH whose most notable feature was the awful front door. That front door looks like the entrance to a county jail. And I know from experience but that is a completely different story… Anyway, as you can see the condo is now up for auction. Not a very good sign. Well, maybe you can get a steal if you don’t mind the door.

  • Anonymous

    The fact that this is an auction has nothing to do with the condo market, it has to do with a dispute between the developer and the builder many months ago. The model unit is stunning inside–

  • Anonymous

    “There’s no condo market problem, there’s no condo market problem” [clicks heels together like Dorthy]

    Keep telling yourself your $450K condo is a better investment than a house — especially next spring when the first flood of another 20,000 (that’s right, 20K!) units get dumped on already saturated market. Condos in DC are in for a big market correction, I just hope that they don’t take the whole market too far down with them.

  • Anonymous

    These were not 450k condos. They were 650k+ condos. Not saying there’s not a condo problem (try selling a 1br condo in Petworth right now, especially one not near metro…). But this condo in particular, I happen to know, did not go bust. It was a dispute between developer and builder.

  • Prince of Petworth

    I think the important thing to note are the doors…

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of condos in Petworth, much like the Upshur Ugly, it seems like most all the condos in Petworth I have seen are amateur hour productions… I’m thinking that the “developers” of many of these properties are beginners that thought they could make a quick buck but ignored the fact that you need construction experience (and ought to pay attention to the market). I pity the foolish banks that lent them the dough.

  • Anonymous

    … and, to be honest, there were quite a few rowhouse renovations in PW which I wandered through searching out my place (finally found it) that were done very, very poorly and on the cheap. Granted the prices in PW are 20% less or more compared to the more southern reaches of DC, but damn! There’s one on New Hampshire that is particularly hideous… carpet throughout, oversprayed institutional paint, the cheapest fixtures known to man, badly made and poorly installed cabinets, small rooms, ugly, dark… et cetera. And they want $500K. Ha ha. Try $375K fellas and you may find a sucker.


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