Washington, DC

But it is a little off topic of tips for newcomers so I thought I’d start a new thread. So if you have reactions let’s comment here. Thanks.

Here is a segment from an anon. poster:
“I think you’ll find universally that people who are “working class”, regardless of where there from and what shade they are, when they manage to afford a nice home, sometimes after working for many years to do so, they don’t want crime on their backdoor and don’t see these things as “live and let live” issues. While I understand the motives of those engaging in the business of drug dealing in open markets to promote “no snitchin'” and the occasional hostile take-over (in a hail of gunfire), when self-righteous fools tell me I have to suffer this crime to be “class sensitive” you’ll get a good hearty laugh from this piece of white trash. I will agree with you all day long that legalization, just as with liquor, is a better answer. If you want to start a organization to get drugs legalized I’ll gladly give you a portion of the money I send to other non-profit organizations. But I live in reality, and while criminals are engaged in a potentially dangerous trade near my family and my neighbor’s family they are going to be dodging the MPD every time I see them, and if that means you get busted buying your dime bag behind my lot, sorry Charlie.”


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