Washington, DC

A friend of mine lives in the H Street corridor and naturally is eager to patronize their local pubs. I had the opportunity to join him last weekend. Now, many know that H Street and U Street share similar backgrounds in that both were ravaged during the 1968 riots. Let’s just say that U Street has rebounded a bit quicker. Now, don’t get me wrong the bars themselves on H Street are fantastic, they have almost every variety, chill, sports, martini, crazy themes etc. The problem that I had is that H Street in and of itself just isn’t a pleasant street to hang out on. I have no doubt that in 5 years it will be kickass but at the moment it has a little ways to go. Quite frankly it feels like some of the more unsavory parts of Georgia Ave. They both are going to improve it is just going to take time. Now if I lived in the H Street neighborhood I would be totally stoked. It is just that U Street is easily five years ahead of H Street. Also, if I lived in U Street/Columbia Heights/Petworth area I frankly don’t think it is worth the long journey to get to H Street, NE. One of the primary differences and benefits of U Street is that it has a fantastic restaurant scene which doesn’t yet exist on H Street. We shall discuss the topic again in a few years. So tell me, is there an H Street – U Street rivalry?


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