Washington, DC

Hipsters in Petworth?

“HIPSTERS WHO fled Mount Pleasant and Columbia Heights to
take refuge in the Georgia Avenue corridor in recent years are being
followed up Park Road by construction equipment…” according to yesterday’s Washington Express.

Mmm, yeah I think I saw a hipster at the Hitching Post drinking a Pabst beer just the other night.

Are there hipsters (present company excluded) in Petworth?

Comments (2)

  1. I walked by a punk show on Georgia (between Taylor & Upshur) at the Alfishawy Cafe this summer . Haven’t seen much sense, but maybe I just have noticed.
    I’m not sure how many hipsters Petworth is going to be able to attract until we get a dive bar and/or coffee shop.

  2. Ahh…the Hitching Post. While you can not get a PBR there, you CAN ask for a 7&7 and receive a glass, can of Sprite and mini-bottle of Canadian Club. Very hands-on, very empowering.
    My husband and I have actually been to the HP a few times and while the Hipsters are few and far between, it is a chill little place to get a drink within stumbling distance of our house.
    Yes, the drinks do require some assembly, but the selection is pretty good. The mac n’cheese and fried shrimp where delicious (although I will add the disclaimer that I am from the South and enjoy that sort of thing, anyway).


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