Comet Ping Pong Cannot Catch a Break

5037 Connecticut Ave, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Did you see the article in the Washington Post about the anarchists (“activists”) planning to disrupt the inauguration that were “infiltrated by a conservative group”? According to the Washington Post, the conservative group secretly recorded a meeting of the activists AT COMET Ping Pong, where they met to allegedly planned an acid attack on Trump supporters who attended the Deplorables Ball at the National Press Club.

Comet cannot catch a break!”

The video in which the alleged planned acid attack was discussed was recorded at Comet Ping Pong on Connecticut Avenue, the same pizza shop a gunman had entered weeks earlier to investigate fake news claims of an underground child-porn ring involving Democratic officials.

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  • believe nothing from this group until you see the entire tape. They’ve been caught lying so many times.

  • Isn’t it better that the anarchists didn’t attack people with acid???

    • Yeah, I’m on team “down with Trump” and all, but also against anyone planning a freaking acid attack.

    • Yeah, I can’t believe I’m with James F*cking O’Keefe on this one, but JEEZ, GUYS.

    • According to the anarchists (they were in Washingtonian on this a whole week ago, guys), the goal here was to screw with the Veritas infiltrator by suggesting frat pranks while at Comet Ping Pong.

      Butyric acid is the major ingredient in stink bombs. They were planning to stinkbomb the Deploraball. Only not really because they were screwing with the Veritas guy.

      “Acid attack” has a particular meaning as a phrase; it was irresponsible of MPD and Washington Post to call this planning such a thing, even if it was technically an attack by means of an acid.

      Assuming the anarchists were telling anything half true to Washingtonian, except the facts of the Post article align with the facts of the Washingtonian interview. I don’t even like these guys, but stinkbomb the Deploraball is pretty great.

      • Came here to post this. O’Keefe and WaPo both described this as an “acid attack” and the right wing press has run with it…conjuring up images of people having acid thrown on their faces. The idea that was discussed on the video but never pursued was to put butyric acid stink bombs in the ball to make it uncomfortable for the guests.

        • northeazy

          So, according to Wikipedia, “Physical exposure to the acid may result in pain, blistering and skin burns, while exposure to the eyes may result in pain, severe deep burns and loss of vision.”

          Seems we have a debate on the effects. How about you test it first since you seem so sure?

          • Because the plan discussed was to get it into the HVAC system. Look at the previous line on Wikipedia for expected effects.

      • Interesting distinction, thank you.

        Now I can go back to unreservedly hating James O’Keefe. You’ve calmed a turbulent mind.

        • The anarchists purposely meeting at Comet to “screw” with O’Keefe is a really messed up thing to do! Comet has been hurt enough by fake news from crazy conservative alt-right websites. Now, Comet has to deal with crazy anarchists using the restaurants to plan a fake/joke stink bomb attack. Also, I’m so disappointed in the Washington Post’s coverage! They are terrible for misreporting this incident. How misleading of the Post. And how sad for Comet. Seriously, Comet will probably have to close. Who wants to go to a restaurant frequented by anarchists or Alt-right fanatics!

    • OP of this comment here – really happy that you folks added more to my understanding of the entire story. Thanks.

  • Ten bucks says this was staged by the conservative group that “just happened” to overhear the “activists”.

  • So the story is about Comet and not people plotting to throw acid on a crowd???

    • No one was planning or even talking about throwing acid. This is bad reporting by WaPo. The plot discussed (but never attempted) was to use stink bombs which include butyric acid to make the ball smell of rotten eggs.

  • It is now clear that Comet Ping Pong attracts crazy, regardless of which side it’s on.

  • What I find fascinating about the Post coverage is that it doesn’t even recognize that these guys were in the Washingtonian a whole week ago:

    “Acid attack” sounds so overblown when you read the antifascist’s version. And they met at Comet deliberately to screw with the guy. Nobody is accidentally meeting for political reasons at Comet anymore, so I kinda buy the line they were feeding Washingtonian.

    • The Post does a lousy job with local news and some of their political reporters are easy marks for right wing orgs. Both have been true for years. Totally not surprised.

  • This is horsesh*t. I don’t believe for one second that there was a group of activists secretly meeting somewhere at Comet planning to throw acid on Trump supporters. I also don’t believe there just happened to be someone there recording it. It’s a total set up job. Fake News was created because of this group. You can’t believe anything that’s coming from them. WTF is wrong with these people? Do they honestly just want to see humanity end? None of this makes any sense.

    • Eh, I believe a conversation like this prob took place. Whether or not it was a stunt to get attention is a different story. Probably was. People are just losers.

    • “Do they honestly just want to see humanity end?”
      This is a question I’ve asked myself frequently lately.

    • Preach timmyp! Shatter a plate glass window to send shards of glass on people inside Starbucks – sure. Light fires in the middle of K street – right on brotha. Throw bottles and rocks at the pigs, sock it to em baby!. But throw a chemical on Trump supporters, just what kind of people do they think we are????

  • No one in his or her right mind will believe this ‘conversation’ actually happened. Time to go eat at Comet again.

  • If you’re going to do this to mess w/ the O’keef crazies it would make sense to have your own candid-camera video of the encounter w/ the Veritas guy to counter what you know they will be posting. Otherwise you set yourself up for failure like this.

  • It’s hard to buy any story regarding “plots” like this from either the left or right wing groups. Hard to trust the media at all with anything honestly.

  • acid as in like HCL…..or LSD? the latter would be kinda funny.

  • What is even the point? Newsflash: the guy you wanted to win was elected. Shouldn’t you just be running around as happy as can be over the destruction of democracy instead of trying to set up a “gotcha” moment with a fringe group?

    • No, because they are severely damaged people who get their jollies by making others miserable. They live for the power and wealth to control others.

  • “Acid Raindrops” by People Under the Stairs is a top 10 all time rap song.

  • Friend from CA mentioned in a call videos he’d watched about this place. I found it all very hard to imagine having been there once?!?! And been by it a million times.

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