Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Could be Coming to Rhode Island Ave, NE?!?!!

via Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Well this could be huge – Washington Business Journal reports:

“Austin, Texas-based Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is close to a deal to bring its brand of movie theater and full-service restaurant to a new development in the Edgewood neighborhood of Northeast D.C.”

Considering Alamo Drafthouse DC retweeted the story – I’d take that as a very good sign. Alamo’s website says:

“Cold beer, hot movies, and delicious snacks and meals; The Alamo Drafthouse is dinner, drinks, movies and events, all under one roof. Our attention to detail in film presentation and programming has made us a second home to movie fans all over the planet and earned accolades from the likes of Entertainment Weekly (#1 theater in America), (Coolest Movie Theater in the World) and (One of the Best Theaters in the Country).”

Stay tuned!!!

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  • #holyfuckincrap!!!!!! Amazing if true.

  • PLEASE BE TRUE! This Texantonian needs a piece of home sometimes.

    • CoHi – Did you know there are Chuy’s in the DMV now!? That’s where I go for my slice of home, when I’m in need!

      • There are Chuy’s in Fairfax and Springfield, VA

      • YES! I have been known to Metro and then take an Uber to the Springfield location in a pinch! Their queso is liquid happiness. Just the right amount of spice, and their chips are actually good. I hate the tortilla chips in this town.

        • CoHi- what do you think about the chips at Cactus Cantina? As a Houston transplant, they always remind me of texture/salt-level of Pappasito’s chips so I ain’t complaining! Their queso is a lil thick for my liking though…

  • This looks like my version of hell. To each his own I suppose….

    • +100

    • I understand how it seems like the concept wouldn’t work, but it does. They are super strict about enforcing their no talking, no text policy. The food is delicious. Drinks are solid. And their programming line-up is better than any other theater in the country that I know of. Overall it’s just an awesome movie experience.

  • This would make me sooooooooo happy!

  • Can’t wait to see this area of R.I. Ave metro develop.

  • front row, third from left in photo is diggin’ deep for a red vine.

  • Bye bye Forman Mills!!

  • Previous articles had said the movie theater wouldn’t happen until Phase 2 …which would be in a decade or two!:( It would be amazing if the theater happened in 2018. Please please please..

  • Noooooo, not my big lots and sav a lot! (Serious, not sarcastic here)

  • Whoo hooo! Great theater, great beer, and they take their no texting rule seriously!

  • worst idea EVER. good luck hearing the movie over shouting, avoiding fights, and other random (non-random but predictable) violence.

    • Yes, how could an idea that’s been successfully available in other cities for decades possibly work in DC?

      • I take it you never went to a movie at Union Station.

        • I went to movies in Union Station. And other movies in Austin that were loud and interactive, so to speak. The difference is that Alamo Drafthouse enforces all of its no talking, no texting, etc policies vs. a place like the old Union Station theater where that was part of the experience and the management wouldn’t have those types of policies. You’re comparing apples and potatoes.

          • No you didn’t. Be honest, you never went to a movie at Union Station. Also, Union Station movies were never anyway close to an ‘Austin’ ‘loud and interactive’ experience. You’re comparing organically grown potatoes to Virginia sourced pistols.

        • Ally

          The problem with union station were the kids under 18, who presumably wouldn’t be allowed in?

      • My bad, you’re right. All ventures that work in one place MUST work/succeed in every other place. Because 1) theaters have great margins, 2) Rhode Island Ave. is a destination (I’m going there later tonight to get shot), 3) it’ll be 5-7 years before this place opens (just imagine the anticipation and lines), and 4) DC = Austin or elsewhere.

        • Wow…it’s really amazing that I’ve spent nearly 7 years living nearby here, passing through regularly by bus, foot, and car (in that order) and have yet to be shot! I must be missing the shootem up express! Please do us all a favor and stay in whatever suburban hole you inhabit. Feel free to whine about whatever you want FROM THERE.

          • I guess all the victims of violence on and around Rhode Island Ave. weren’t just “passing through” on their way home to La La Land.

        • 1) Margins improve with food and alcohol
          2) Leave northwest once a year, your outlook on life will improve
          3) Now you’re just making up things to suit your agenda of ignorance
          4) I had a great time at a similar concept in Chicago almost 15 years ago. DC in 2016 (or, by your math, 2023) can’t handle what Chicago had in 2002?

    • Yes please!

      Going to the movies at one of these in San Antonio has totally ruined me for every other theater. I just can’t do it anymore.

      And to all of y’all that haven’t been to one – try one out before you go NIMBYing it, ok? There’s one in Loudon somewhere.

    • Try it before you knock it. They are very strict at ensuring that every customer has a good experience, which means no talking, no texting, and certainly no “random violence.” If you ever have a problem with another moviegoer, it’s handled by staff immediately.

    • They have a strict no-talking/no-texting policy.

  • Tsar of Truxton

    It looks like a frat party in a movie theater…

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