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  • whoever owns this should be fined 10,000 each day it is like this

    • Fortunately there are very few pop-ups in this condition. This might be the only “leaner” in the city. Curious to see if they can fix this flaw and finish the project.

  • Honestly, that diagonal 2×4 on the top floor is probably the only thing keeping this monstrosity from folding over. If I was living in the house to the left, I’d be petitioning for them to tear it down before the strong winter winds hit. Can’t imagine that original bottom floor was designed (or reinforced) to hold up 4 additional stories above it.

  • I think by “not a lot of visual progress” you mean absolutely none.

  • I ride the bus by this daily. Right around may there was a stop work order posted that I don’t think has been lifted.

  • How is this still standing? Not just structurally but also legitimately (as in, how is the city allowing this obviously unsafe addition to exist)?

  • If I’m with DCRA I’d hesitate to nail a violation notice to the door for fear the whole thing will come crashing down on my head.

  • If you check the PIVS site, you’ll see that a new permit was issued on Tuesday 12/15. Looks like the developer was tasked with some hefty structural items to address – thank goodness.

    Hopefully that means work resumes soon. Can’t wait for them to just cover the plywood that has been exposed to the elements for months.

    Pretty soon it’ll be high time for us to mock the materials/colors used for the facade.

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