Check Out Right Proper’s New Tasting Room and Brewery in Brookland – Also Home to the most spectacular bathroom in DC

920 Girard Street, NE

Back in November of last year we learned that this is where Right Proper would be opening their production brewery and tasting room. Right Proper Brewing Company‘s brew pub is of course in Shaw next to the Howard Theatre. But this place is pretty damn sweet in its own right. First off it’s straight up brewery porn – can produce up between 10,000-15,000 barrels a year with room to expand. So prepare to see them in many more restaurants and bars around town. And if all goes well the tasting room will be open the first week of December (knock wood, knock wood.) Hours will be Thursday and Friday 5-9pm and Saturday and Sunday 1-9pm. To orient you – this is located just on the otherside of the tracks from Dew Drop Inn. Ok some more cool stuff before you feast on the photos – mural outside was done by Nico Amortegui. Mural inside (still in progress when I stopped by) is again done by the Patrick Owens who did the work in Shaw.

Ok the beer – first kegs. Then 750ml bottles of Nathan Zeender’s good stuff. Growler filling available of course. But also – canning should start around Memorial Day!!

As for the tasting room in addition to growler fills of course you can get pints. There’s a sweet sound system – and you gotta see this freaking bathroom. Well done Thor and team, well done.





















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  • nice turntable!

  • I think we’ll all consider that bathroom awesome right up until the point we are desperately waiting to get in and some idiot in there is practicing chopsticks.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Ach I forgot to add – many many many bike racks are coming as well as well as outdoor seating next Spring!!

  • Right Proper is the best! Their Friday Lunch is such a great treat!

  • justinbc

    Holy crap, this is awesome. Did they give any indication when they would be open to the public? And is there an actual sink in that bathroom? Finally something to take the edge off when dealing with Home Depot employees!

  • The bathroom does give a whole new meaning to “tinkling the ivories”!

  • Isn’t that theoretically Brookland? Thought Edgewood and Brookland were divided by the rail.

    This is an amazing space, serious business — huge leap from their brewpub! (Which I still love the just-your-neighborhood-brewer vibe of.) Hope their distribution catches on around town, if any brewery in DC deserves it it’s them.

  • YES hopefully they have more parking than what’s at 3 Stars. Love going to 3 Stars but parking is atrocious over there on the weekends.

    • AFAIK, there’s no off-street parking here (it’s just a few blocks from home for me). Street parking is really tight because it’s only one side (warehouse with a parking lot across street). Fortunately, it’s within walking distance (10 minutes) of the RIA and Brookland Metro stations, 3 blocks from the H8 bus line, and about 4 blocks from several other bus lines (anything that stops on RIA, 7th St., 6th St./Edgewood Terrace).

      • Yeah I live in that area but just far enough away that it’s too far to walk (2 miles). I struggle with buses and trains daily in my commute so I try to stay far away from them on the weekend since I own a car. Thanks for the info though! Will definitely be visiting- just spending a bit of time looking for parking I imagine.

        • I sympathize. Depending on where you are, a bus might not be terrible, so it might be worth a look (I’ve found them far better than the Metro on weekends). Parking isn’t terrible in the broader area, but some of the neighbors are total poopie heads about it, so don’t be surprised if someone (who probably has off-street parking) yells at you about parking in front of their house. Ignore and move on with your day, they don’t own the street. I have been told off a few times when I had a rental car or Zipcar, and they’ve yet to do anything but flap their lips, so the risk of anything more than yelling happening is low to zero.
          Also failed to mention that the buses that run on 14th (NE, of course) are just a few blocks away, too. There’s no 11th St. in this neck of the woods, so 14th is closer than it seems. There’s also a bikeshare rack at 12th and Irving (3 blocks).

          • I live a block away. There’s ample street parking here at all times, especially on 10th or south of Franklin.

  • Are their beers any good? I’ve never tried them, so I’m curious…

    Also, ew. That bathroom piano is seriously icking me out. It’s too winkingly cutesie and I can’t even contemplate all the nasty stuff that will get into every crevice of that thing.

    • Great beer imo — distinctive and most consistently good of any brewer in town. Not exactly sure how well it will take in cans/more accessible drafts; they don’t really have a to-style IPA, and though they have a number of standbys at the brewpub they don’t really have a “flagship” beer. That’s what I like about them, though, and would be awesome if they did well at a larger scale.

    • Yes, their beers are quite good and very reasonably priced. I recommend taking the 70 bus down to their T St place and checking it out.

    • 7s Clash and Raised by Wolves are my jam. Their food is really good too!

    • I really like that they usually have a number of very good low ABV options.

    • A lot of unique styles, but better quality and not quite as weird as Blue Jacket. They’re gonna do well.

      • Woah, easy! Blue Jacket is great…but not quite as great as RP! Their Brewing team is incredibly creative, so totally unique for sure. I think another commenter remarked about the low ABV beers- totally true, one of my favorite parts.

  • Pianists must wash their hands before returning to play.

  • This place looks awesome. Better brush-up on my bathroom pianist skillz.

  • pee-ano. Get it? Because there will be pee all over that piano? Everything else looks awesome though!

  • Score for Zeender. He lives basically across the street.

  • ledroittiger

    Wow – this is beautiful! Love the dog bed for Go Go at the bottom of the third photo!

  • The exterior mural is by Nico AMORTEGUI – hard to remember / pronounce, but totally worth knowing! Recently named the Southeast’s up and coming “artist to keep an eye on” – according to 2 nationally known curators (not random ppl.) Badass bathroom @ RP!

  • Wow. That brewing setup! That’s incredible! Definitely cannot wait to go check them out. And cans soon?? I love living here in this age of beer revival.

  • More like PEEano, amirite?!?!?!

    … I’ll see myself out.

  • soooo excited for this. we live along the alley, & have been watching the progress w/much anticipation.

  • I am very excited for this venue. Great for them. Now I’m going to say something that might get some flack. I do not like the beer these guys produce. It’s just not very good. I consider myself a fairly competent beer nerd as well. It pains me, but every time I go to Right Proper I’m totally underwhelmed by their product. I’ll keep trying it, but my visits are growing further and further apart.

    • Been meaning to try their stuff. What don’t you like?

    • I personally think it’s the best brewery in the city by a wide, wide margin. BUT, I’m a huge fan of sours and farmhouse style beers, so these guys specialize in my favorite styles. If you love big pine-hoppy, west-coast style IPA’s, then no, RP isn’t the place for you. If you want classic English/German styles without too much creativity, then RP isn’t your place. If you love 10%+ ABV imperial stout favor bombs, you are not going to find them at RP. If you detest sour/funky beers, then there are a lot of beers to avoid on their list. Not every brewery should try to make every style of beer, and the best breweries tend to specialize. RP just happens to specialize in sour, farmhouse, and other new/creatively styled beers. If this isn’t what you like, then the problem isn’t their beers, but rather their beers don’t happen to agree with your palate.

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