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Baby Shower Venue Ideas?

“Hi all — We’re looking to host a baby shower (co-ed) this winter but our place (and our friends’ places) are too small for the number of people we’d like to invite (~40). Ideally, we’d like to keep it fun and casual and keep the cost to under $500 including food (heavy appetizers, finger foods, etc.). Does anyone have any ideas of a place in the District, preferably NW or metro accessible, that fits the bill? We’re open to (and actually prefer) bringing our own food, but we’re also exploring places that offer food within that price range. Your ideas are much appreciated!”

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  • I hosted a bridal shower for a friend at Sprinkles Cupcake’s party room in Georgetown. It was $500 for 3 hours , and that included cupcakes (you could order full-sized or mini cupcakes). We brought our own drinks and some veggie platters, so I’m sure they would be amenable to you bringing some more substantial food. The room itself is also very cute, although it isn’t huge – we hosted about 35 people comfortably. Hope this helps!

  • The Potter’s House in Adams Morgan has a community room for rent in the back of their space. $150 first hour + $75 each additional hour, with optional catering available. The whole space was recently redone, and the front part of the building (bookstore/ coffee shop) has a very cool vibe. The community room is more of a blank slate, but could be good for what you need!

  • I considered Teaism for a bridal showers a few years back. Their prices seemed fairly reasonable.

  • My friends had a coed baby shower at Wonderland Ballroom in Columbia Heights and it was great. They had a very low minimum purchase which included finger foods and a full bar. Great music, we had the upstairs space to ourselves. It’s close to the Columbia Heights metro station and on several bus lines.

  • Yoga Heights near the Petworth metro station has beautiful studios that you can rent out by the hour.

  • If I remember correctly, Science Club has an upstairs room with no rental fee. Maybe check with them to see what their food options are, if there’s a minimum of drinks/food that has to be met, etc.

  • Camelot. Come for the class, stay for the buffet.

  • Depends on how many people you have, if it’s relatively small, the Tabard Inn has a small room that’s really cheap to rent for a brunch. But we’re talking like less than 15 people.

  • I hosted one at Smith Public Trust in Brookland recently, we got the back patio for free… it’s a cute space, but might be iffy now that it’s getting cooler. The manager did try to give it away and give us a big table at the last minute but it worked out.

  • A friend of mine had hers at Vendetta on H St. Although a little bit off the NW path it was fantastic.

  • johnny pistolas in adams morgan lets you rent their space for free (there are multiple areas and all would work for a baby shower) and they have really good mexican food available for fairly cheap.

  • We had ours at Union market. Friends went early and snagged tables and chairs. There is a variety of food and booze and the environment is super chill. It was great.

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    Nothing to add on the topic, but that photo is awesome!

  • Hi–I hosted a baby shower for my sister this past spring and (with the help of friends) found the wonderful Hill Center in Capitol Hill. The flat fee for a baby shower is $400, I think. They will allow any food to be brought in (so you can make your own), you do need to have utensils, plates, glasses, etc of your own. Tablecloths too if you want them. But they’ll set up tables, there’s access to a sound system and the venue is beautiful and very metro accessible. Highly recommend!

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