Costa Brava Closes in Bloomingdale – Burgers and Cocktails Coming?

1837 1st Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

A friend of mine and I went out in Bloomingdale yesterday excited to check out Costa Brava. Unfortunately, when we got there we were surprised to see it was closed (around 8:30 pm) and had no signs of life. There were still chairs and tables inside, but most telling is there was no menu posted anywhere, which is always a telltale sign. Was that just a one day thing? Or has it bit the dust. Wondering if you heard anything…”

I hear they’ve closed. Word on the street is that the space has already is or is close to being leased to new folks who plan on opening a burger joint with cocktails – more details when more is known. Costa Brava opened back in November 2014. In July one of the co-owners, Doug Brown, died in a tragic drowning in the Chesapeake Bay.

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  • I never saw them open after Mr. Brown’s death

  • Yes, they’ve been closed since Doug Brown died. It’s sad. Unfortunate turn of phrase by the OP.

    • I was the op. I didn’t know this was the restaurant owned by mr. Brown. Had I known that I would have used different languages. My condolences. Mike

  • Hey guys, I spoke to the owner of the building and was told that after Doug’s death, there was no way for the remaining owners to continue running the business as Costa Brava. However, those remaining owners are the ones who will be reopening the new bar under a new name.

  • That’s really too bad, especially given the tragedy they’ve endured. I always thought they gave it a good run, and were especially good neighbors to the community. Even with that said, I can’t say I would have been surprised had they closed despite their tragedy. Objectively, they never quite found their niche – they were delayed in opening, service was ok, the food was decent, but not especially memorable. Really rooting for these guys in their future ventures and hope they find a spark.

  • I enjoyed going here. Some of the food was just okay, but some was pretty exceptional. Service could be hit or miss, but I liked the neighborly, non-pretentious vibe. Sorry they have closed, but understandable given the circumstances.

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