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  • Assuming that they’re charging anything close to what the landlords deem to be today’s going rate, the odds of this place becoming something remotely cool are fairly slim. My guess: (liquor) bar with inventive (liquor) cocktails.

  • This entire strip is empty right now – 5 out of 6 storefronts, I think, extending from the alley entrance all the way to Bicycle Space.
    I wonder if someone is getting ready to sell? The large warehouse building behind this strip (accessible only from the alleys) has been for sale for a long, long time.

  • Seems like a good time for a developer to buy these empty storefronts up and redevelop into a more usable and modern space with offices and/or condos above. 1 story commercial spaces sitting on a prime strip of land + that warehouse behind them are begging for some improvements.

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