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Photo by PoPville flickr user Beau Finley

You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Pablo Raw

    Unofficial PoPville Karaoke Night (UPOKAN)
    7:30 at Wok’n Roll in Chinatown (2nd Floor bar)

  • Accountering

    Rant: Our baseball team is garbage, and our manager is worse. I don’t see any possible way he keeps his job after the debacle of a season.

    • I had to change the channel after that abysmal 7th inning. It pained me…

      • Accountering

        I wish I could have changed the channel. I got to sit there and listen to Mets fans cheer, and chant, and high five over the top of me. Bryce, want to know why people leave in the 7th inning? Because they KNOW you all are toast.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Really shaky today after the 4 day bender. Having trouble typing.
    Rave: The action plan is being put into effect.

    • That One Guy

      Drink some water, eat some food, get some (if you can stand the humidity) fresh air and take a deep breath and exhale out all the fuku/bad juju/exhaustion.
      You can do it.

    • Hang in there, IDGI! We’re all rooting for you.
      Glad to hear that the action plan is being put into effect.

    • Nutrition. After 4 days, you will need food. Also, don’t be afraid to “taper” if you can stop after two or three (low alcohol — think beer) drinks. Cold turkey is overrated.

      • Quitting cold turkey can kill an alcoholic as they can suffer seizures. I’d be wary of dispensing medical advice on here.

    • Not sure what “action plan” is, but if you need anyone to talk to who’s been off the booze for several years, feel free to send me an e-mail!

    • Also consider some exercise. It’s counter intuitive when you feel like crap, but nothing helps my hangovers like sweat.

    • I Dont Get It

      Turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing and some roasted eggplant. And a Diet Coke. I also seem to have the meat sweatsโ€”I didn’t know that was a real thing!

      • I Dont Get It

        I was only able to get about a third of it down. I’ll get a protein shake later,

      • oh the meat sweats are real. They are very real *shudder* Hope you’re feeling better soon, I finally had a chance to catch up with what’s been going on , and holy crap! I’m rooting for you, IDGI, you’ve had a tough couple of months!

  • Emmaleigh504

    RAVE: Awesome photograph by Beau!

  • Rant: Commute from hell this morning. Partly my own fault, I overslept and was rushed. Of course the Red Line was a mess, Gallery place was a complete disaster when I transferred over. I ended up biking from Gallery Place to Farragut North. I’m still a bit frazzled.

    Rave: Move is a go! I’m moving to Stadium Armory with a friend. Looking forward to finally being a DC resident! Sad to leave MoCo and my home of ten years, but ready for a new adventure.

  • Rave: Getting to see an inside the park grand slam at the Nats game last night!
    Rant: Having to suffer through that abysmal 7th inning. I’ve watched a lot of baseball, and that was some of the worst I’ve seen.

    • Technically, I think it was scored an RBI single, with three more scoring on an error. Untechnically, it was a little league grandslam. I want someone to set that play to the Benny Hill music.

  • Rant: Left for work almost an hour early to prep for a big meeting. Kicking myself for not checking first and having to wait 20min for a broken Red line. Almost no time gained.
    Rant: Just minutes before the big meeting, found out it was moved last minute from 9AM to 4PM, after I’d already gone across town in this soupy weather. Now I have to go back!
    Rave: The afternoon crew at the 13th & U Starbucks is the best. Love those guys!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Right now, things are not looking so good for October 1. As much as I might relish the opportunity to binge watch all 9 seasons of the X Files and rewatch the 6-hour Pride and Prejudice on an almost-daily basis (I love you, Caroline Bingley!), a shutdown will really, really screw with my agency’s work.
    Rant: Friday’s conference presentation got moved to Saturday.
    Rave: My in-laws’ Facetiming with the dog. This is the cutest thing ever.

    • Quotia Zelda

      Additional Rant: My boss likes to give me stupid articles from the New Criterion about “untold” aspects of US history that are neither new nor especially interesting if one is an actual historian of the US. Dude, I taught this stuff in 101.

    • Well, shoot. I’ve been avoiding coverage of budgetary shenanigans. I guess a shut down would give me more time to nap? Not sure how they’ll determine mandatory personnel this time around. The only sticky wicket is I’m not sure how a shut down would affect maternity leave/getting paid if they overlap. And to think it used to be that federal jobs were desirable for their safety & reliability.

      • Quotia Zelda

        I’m hoping that some of the coverage I’m seeing is just fear-mongering. The frustrating thing is all the time that has to be lost to contingency planning even if we avoid a shutdown. It’s so stupid.

        • It really is ridiculous. And then don’t we have the debt limit issue to contend with in two months? So another shutdown threat? Ugh.

      • the bad PR of government workers is one of the best examples of how great the GOP spin machine is. Gov workers are lazy, unmotivated, ect. Eventually it WILL be that, as the good ones get frustrated by the shut downs, budget problems, and crap management. But still. It’s not a stable, reliable, or secure paycheck any more.

      • Unfortunately I personally don’t think it is looking too good…there are what 11 more days in session. There is the budget vs OCO funding/planned parenthood defunding/debt ceiling negotiation/election cycle – all of these things together do not leave me with a warm fuzzy.

        • Additional frustration: No one cares how little congress is in session. so ridiculous. Nevermind their total ignoring of military leaders saying NO to the OCO boost.

    • I have to like this because, though I feel you on the shutdown, I just started season 2 of re-watching the X-files. I love it for some strange reason (though my dog howls at the theme song, which is weird).

      • Quotia Zelda

        I love the X Files so much. It reminds me of when I was newly married and Mr. Zelda worked late. I would watch the X Files alone and scare myself silly.

        • When I lived in Japan and was homesick for American television (including programs I never watched when I was living Stateside, like 90210), I used to watch the late-night Sunday broadcast of “The X-Files” and scare the bejeezus out of myself.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Winston is the cutest thing ever!

    • There better not be a shutdown! I finally started getting paychecks after having to take unpaid leave this summer. And I’d like to be able to continue paying my rent… :[

    • Gahh, another possible shutdown? I didn’t realize that was in the works again. Are we going to go through this every year??

    • Ugh…not again. I know that in the end it wasn’t awful for me, but I hate the uncertainty and utter waste of time we spend beforehand “preparing” and then the rush to pick up the pieces after the fact. I really wish they’d come up with a new process that just defaults to a CR or something instead of an actual shutdown.
      Hopefully it’s just bluster. Shutdown was threatened something like 4 times before the last one actually happened, and I think it happens on average every 15-20 years, so we’re not due yet.

      • I think we’ve had two in the last few years–though only one was several weeks long. The one before that was just a few days, perhaps? I can’t remember.

        • Well shoot, there goes that theory…
          Have we had 2? I only remember the long one, and then before that the shutdown that wasn’t a shutdown because they signed the papers over the weekend and turned the clocks back so it didn’t count (or something like that). Hopefully if they do close us down it’ll just be for a day or two. It’s still frustrating, but not quite as disruptive. And maybe I’d still get to go to the training I’m scheduled for in mid-October which is only offered every 2 years (I can’t wait 2 years to start my project!).

        • don’t forget those of us who were furloughed. That was the worst because it was just SO inefficient.

    • now that I’m not the outside, I’m worried about the shut down because my official end date is 30 Sept and I want my paid out leave and my VSIP bonus, all due in the next FY. The sad part is that the GOP doesn’t care how much more money a shut down costs the government. That’s the frustrating thing – that voters don’t see through the BS. blurgh. Sorry to those who have to live through this year after year.

    • Accountering

      Wash Post has smart dudes putting the probability of a shutdown between 55-70 percent. It is unfathomable to me that people are still voting for donkeys who are legitimately willing to shut down the federal government over Planned Parenthood.

      • I think the people voting for them are the same people who constantly comment on WaPo that government employees sit around and don’t do anything all day and don’t deserve our (apparently really high) salary. This is all news to me. These people are clearly not attached to the reality that there are literally tens of thousands of us who have bills to pay and children to feed and parents to take care of, etc.

      • Those aren’t donkeys shutting everything down, they’re elephants.

  • Rant: I convinced myself today was Thursday.
    Rave: All this overtime.
    Rave: Lost a pound so far this week, and I didn’t do a thing.
    Rave: First night with nothing to do after work. A full dvr awaits.
    Rave: Lunch/dinner are done for the week. Delicious chicken thighs.

  • Rave: Got a job! Well, a summer job for next year, but my understanding is that big firms tend to hire all the summer associates (unless you really mess up). Feeling pretty good about going back to school as a “second career student”. I think it helped in this application process.

    Made tiny apple pies to celebrate.

    • Congrats! And tiny apple pies sound tasty.

    • Congratulations!!! Tiny apple pies sound delicious.

    • I’d look up your firm to see if that’s been in the case in recent years. Above the law had plenty of stories on firms cutting summers, etc.
      Also usually it’s the second summer that gets the job not the first (sounds like the first here).

      • Thanks. The firm I’m leaning towards has hired all its associates the last 6 years. It’s the second summer, so hopefully if I play my cards right I’m done applying for jobs for a little while.

        • Yea, that’s a great track record.
          Eat all the pie!

        • Yeah, the second career helps when getting jobs at first – you’ve had more work experience. But then later in your career, you are just too old. After my first job after my clerkship, I took all my earlier work off my resume – presto, younger. That’s what they want then, once you’ve some years of legal experience. And then, too soon, you have too much of that. You are golden at 3-5 years out of school.

  • Rave: Two of my kids randomly requesting to play Spanish Bingo yesterday after school, and then watching the older kiddo help the younger kiddo with pronunciations and vocabulary. They amaze me sometimes.
    Rant: Old job did not terminate me in order to keep my on in an “as needed” capacity; this is all fine and dandy except I am now in limbo land. I did not get my PTO pay out as expected because I am still employed, however, I can not use the PTO as a PRN employee (so pay me!). Also waiting to hear about what exactly they want me to do and when they want me to start. I get that they are gong through a lot of flux right now, but I feel as though they just left me hanging out in the wind.
    Rave: New job is going great, and I don’t really *need* the old job.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: work is beating me down. It’s more and more difficult to keep a neutral expression when MM changes the rules yet again or AO talks. Fuck these people.
    Rave: Baby rhinos.

  • Rave: PoPvillains who look out for your sartorial best interests. Thanks for the heads up Andie! I ordered a gorgeous faux leather pencil skirt from Ann Taylor on sale, though I did go with the brown and not the green. And I’m not sure I ever followed up on my white faux leather pencil (also Ann Taylor) skirt saga- the dry cleaner fixed it, it’s 95% better than after they ruined it. There may have been a fit to be pitched, but it’s a rare day that I’m a fit pitcher.
    Rave: very nice date last night. It’s nice to go out with a guy who’s enthusiastic, nice, and is obviously into me. Three dates and he hasn’t let me pay for anything. I mean, at some point I should pay for something, right? I keep offering.
    Rant: allergies.

    • I liked the brown too! And glad that they dry cleaner fixed the mistake! If he won’t let you pay for anything you could offer to cook him dinner (if you’re comfortable). Maybe time it to when your beer is done and you could have a tasting? This all sounds great until the batch of beer doesn’t turn out too well, but it’d be fun to discover whether it worked together. Glad you’re having some nice dates!

    • Re: Your second rave. This is super nice and you are super lucky! If it seems like the guy always insists on paying, I make sure I find ways to “pay” for something, whether it be cooking dinner one night, buying tickets to a performance/movie in advance, or bringing snacks/alcohol if there’s ever a gathering.

    • That’s great about the dry cleaner fixing the skirt! (And of course your dates too!)

    • I can’t wait until I have my body back again; I’m absolutely planning on revamping my wardrobe. I hate shopping so I may need some help. This may also require bringing back the bra conversations since I’ll need new undergarments as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Random Crowdsourcing:
    Does anyone have any recommendations for landscapers? A company/someone who will come to NE and will just make our row house front/back yard look nice – is this a thing that companies/people do? It seems like every place I’ve contacted only works west of the park/our project is too small. I am completely inept at plants etc. I think we need to enlist the services of a professional – hopefully one that doesn’t charge a bajillion dollars.

    Additionally, recommendations for affordable wedding photographers? Affordable being less than 2500 – is this possible?

    RANT: lots of things to pay for…not a lot of money.
    RAVE: its a short work week?

  • Rave: Michael Taylor.

    Rant: The rest of the team. Fire Williams, fire McCatty, fire Rizzo and dump Drew Storen.

  • Rave: Big giant trip booked!
    Rave: Parents paying half the airfare as my Christmas present. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rave: Big giant trip is to see BFF and celebrate our ahem, milestone birthday this year.
    Rant: Realized that my passport expires one month before big giant trip.
    Rave: 6 months is plenty of time to renew said passport.

  • Rant: fall is on its way fast
    Rave: Fall hiking

  • Rave: Two and a half more days of work until another weekend!
    Rant: When it’s a short work week, the days feel longer…
    Rave: 85% chance I’ll have a date this weekend with someone I’m quite excited about. Trying not to get too excited so I’m not disappointed.
    Rave: New job is working it’s way through HR, so I should be out of the office within the next month. So excited but also wondering why HR is sooooo slowwww.

  • Rant: Focus is in the pits today!
    Rave: I have a job to hypothetically focus on.
    Rant: Loneliness from the break-up is settling in.
    Rave: I have friends to hang out with.
    Rant: Super!crushes are stupid and focus-killing.
    Rave: Crushes make you feel alive???

  • Rant: Grown ass adults biking on the sidewalk. Come on use the street.
    Rave: Short week!

  • Rave: Let’s Go Mets!
    Rant: If any team can give away a commanding lead in September, it is the New York Metropolitans.
    Rant: Potential for first postseason appearance in 9 years, and Jon Stewart just retired.
    Rant: Sarah Palin. I just can’t.
    Rant: Nationals collapse. For years, I successfully navigated the maelstrom of being a lifelong Mets fan while finally having a team in DC. It’s easy when one of the teams (or, more often, both) suck. Chickens are coming home to roost – I feel slightly schizophrenic.

  • Rave: Belated rave for the Ft Totten transfer station – electronics recycling last week was a breeze
    Rave: Experimentation in growing quinoa is a so-far success (beautiful seed heads ripening on the plants); growing upland rice (doesn’t need to grow in water) will be one of the experimentations for next year
    Rant: Pup’s digestion is still off, fortunately she woke me early this morning when she needed to go out now-now. Something she ate (along with the bunny poop) seems to be disagreeing with her

  • Rave – Looking forward to the ladies’ night at the Takoma Park Ace Hardware.
    Rave – Just got word that our office building will be closed during the pope’s visit. It’s like a snow day in September!
    Rant – So over this weather. My dog is too. Last night, only 15 minutes into her walk, she planted herself on the sidewalk and refused to move unless it was the direction back home.

  • Rave: So far, loving my new job. Relaxed supervisor, relaxed environment, office overlooking academia. Heart.
    Rant: Over living with my folks. Reno is going well, but a few bumps have made a 2 week stay a month + long stay.
    Rave/rant: my baby is in preschool. WTH? yesterday he did great. Today, at drop off, he cried. Not used to that, and it made me feel awful.
    Rant: Miss you all!!!! I’m out of the loop – how are you all?

    • Awesome raves! How much longer on living with your folks? I can only imagine how old that’s getting. As for the drop-off stuff, it may vary day by day–and transitions are hard for toddlers. One thing that helped mine was to bring something in that she could show to her buddies or teachers (toy car, stuffed animal, etc) and then it went in her bin once she showed it off. That reduced the drop-off drama substantially for us.

      • thanks – we’ve got maybe 2 more weeks. The had part is that my mom doesnt understand/respect my anxiety so instead of ignoring me when I have an issue, she confronts me.
        For preschool, I think one of the big issues is that he was the second kid there and the first kid was crying, and it’s pretty contagious! He’s done so well with all these transitions we’ve thrown at him, so I just feel bad at this point!

  • I Dont Get It

    Since I’m having trouble typing I thought I would re-post and old classic when I sat next to interns.

    There are four interns that sit across the cubicle wall from me. One of the internโ€™s boyfriend called her at lunch and asked her to define cheating. This should be good for an afternoon of analysis. Itโ€™s like a bad episode of Maury on some days up here. Their supervisors work remotely so Iโ€™m the only adult around, although they donโ€™t belong to my group.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Struggling this morning. Can’t seem to do anything right. Even the car air freshener I bought was headache inducing. -_-#

  • Wise people of popville:

    Looking for a nice B&B to go to with the bf over Columbus Day weekend in the general Shenandoah region- open to other areas, too. Would like to go gaze at leaves (know it’s a bit early but the only weekend we can go!) and do some hiking and relaxing and such. I’ve stayed at cabins in the park before, but never a B&B. Any recommendations? Thank you for your advice!

    • I always wanted to stay here: http://www.theinnatlostriver.com/ (I toured the rooms and everything…just no occasion to stay YET.)

    • Don’t have any specific suggestions but I find the PA stretch of the Appalachians as pretty as the VA stretch and sometimes less crowded and cheaper. Also, being a little further north, potentially better leaves. ItA lng-ish drive.
      If you’re an architecture fan, maybe a trip to Falling Water?

    • woodhaven farm in scottsville, va- a couple different options available on VRBO

    • I’ve stayed at the Ashby Inn a few times and loved it.

    • jim_ed

      The Inn at Willow Grove in Orange. Absolutely beautiful pastoral setting, terrific restaurant on site nestled right where the Piedmont ends and the foothills of the Valley begin.

    • Thank you all for the great tips! I will check them out right now!

    • My only advice is to book something now. It’s a very popular weekend. Have you checked VRBO.com?

      • I’ve never heard of VRBO before, thanks for the tip! We’re trying to book in the next day or two since it’s such a popular weekend. Ahh!

    • There’s a cute place called Hopkin’s Ordinary on Main Street in Sperryville. I haven’t seen the inside, but friends have a house on that street and I walk by it all the time. It looks nice. There’s also an ale house inside and there’s a ton of things close by — you’re only 10 minutes from Skyline Drive and also Old Rag and White Oak Canyon and there’s a bakery on the street, a good restaurant, Thorton River Grill, and a good pizza place, Rudy’s, and a distillery and new brewery in the River District. Also a wine bar will be opening soon.

  • Rant: I thought I was getting my commute just right today, but still ended up being late. Boo.
    Rave: My boss doesn’t really seem to care about that.
    Rant: Insomnia. Looks like it’s back for the long haul.
    Rave: Having a doctor who knows how miserable this is for me and is OK with calling in a prescription before I see her at the end of the month. Because if I have to deal with another week of this, I’m going to lose my mind.
    Rave: I was thinking I was out of fresh fruit until I noticed the bowl of mangoes that had been shoved to the back of the fridge. So good.

  • Rant: Family is not very good at keeping my sister and I in the loop about our grandmother. My parents e-mailed to say they were on their way from London to where my grandmother lives yesterday morning, and then nothing until this morning. Can’t make or receive international calls with our cell phones, parents don’t have much access to wifi over there to send us emails, rest of the family hasn’t been keeping in touch… I’m sure it’s pretty chaotic there, but we worry and feel a bit cut off.
    Rave/rant: Grandmother is home, although very ill and not always lucid. At least she’s happier out of the hospital though.

    • Ugh, I’m sorry about all of this. It’s so hard to keep up in that kind of chaos. I hope you’re able to get news soon and that your grandmother is as comfortable as possible.

    • That One Guy

      Buy a calling card and use it to make calls. It’s not a perfect solution but an option if you want to call out.

      • Skype is another option for making and receiving calls.

        • Except littlen said there’s very limited wifi. calling cards are the best way to go, imo. that’s what my family did when i was abroad and didn’t have wifi (you know, way back in the day… like a couple years ago).

          • You can skype to a landline or a cellphone. It’s not the cheapest option for the long term, but for a short-term need it is easy to set up and usually not as expensive as getting international added to a cell plan. You can get a telephone number that others can call to, so might be able to get a UK number so relatives are calling locally.

      • I use an online calling card company called enjoyprepaid.com to call my boyfriend in Africa. You could also look into the apps WhatsApp, Tango, and Viber, all of which offer free texts and/or calls to others with the service. Good luck!

    • You might be able to get your cell phone company to change your setup so that you can make/receive international calls — try calling them to ask.

      • Accountering

        Be VERY careful with this though. This can cost several dollars per minute. You can accomplish the exact same thing with Skype (calling through the app on your phone) for .10$/minute or so. If $ is a concern, you do not want to make international calls on your cell-phone through the Verizon network. You can call landlines and other cellphones with Skype.

        • Good point. I think it would help if littlen could at least _receive_ international calls, even if the rate were too exorbitant for her to want to _make_ them.

          • Accountering

            Agree. Perhaps a situation where you can see the call coming through, and then you call them back in Skype immediately. Best of both worlds ๐Ÿ™‚

          • My family is mostly going through my grandparents on this side of the pond for phone calls (then they can call my sister and I, that’s what they did yesterday) – so that works for receiving calls at least. I think things have just been too chaotic for them to really call us at all.
            Thanks for all the suggestions, really appreciate it! It’s just been so sudden I’ve been a bit all over the place…

        • I forgot about Skype – I used to use that when I was in Japan… Thanks for the reminder!

  • Spy is now available online, and I made my husband watch it last night. He laughed a lot. And he’s pretty reserved generally. Good times.

  • Rant: Despite sound and appreciated advice from OPAnon and Tonyr, did not get into Barghain. Girlfriend spent the whole next day kicking herself for her perceived shortcomings vis-a-vis doorman-impressing coolness..
    Rave: Has a good time at Kater Blau, though we got there too early and left before things took off (assuming they did — it was a Sunday night).
    Rant: Somehow lost three credit cards between us and had to rectify a cash crisis with a side trip to Dresden.
    Rave: So I didn’t get into a club and had to waste time according to rules set by American Express — we were in Europe, strangers are lending us money, we’re sleeping late and snuggling, and there’s incredible art and music everywhere. We’d be fools complain.
    Supplemental bonus rave: My Art Nouveau erogenous zone repeatedly rubbed the right way — because we don;t do research before trips, had no idea that Prague is Art Nouveau Central and that The Municipal Building is the coolest building in the world. Also, picked up a pair of mass-produced but nonetheless excellent antique (we’re pretty sure) pewter A-N candlesticks in a Berlin flea market. The kind of souvenir that makes dinner more gracious and kicks loose great memories.

    • Too bad about Berghain and the credit cards, but excellent on the rest!

    • I refuse to go somewhere that a doorman can arbitrarily decide whether or not I’m cool enough to come in. No matter where I am. Maybe I was never meant to be cool.
      My SO has a ridiculous collection of pewter candlestick holders from Germany. They are some of my favorite things he collected during his time in the Army. Such a great look as both decorative and while in use.

    • If you have time check out the Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul – Gothic exterior but some really neat art nouveau interior painted decor, and fantastic views of Prague as it’s on a hill overlooking the river.

  • Rant: Think I blew it with a new client.

    Rave: Getting more inquiries for work, which will hopefully make up for above rant.

    Rant: Still don’t want to date. I feel like I should because I spend too much time alone, and society around me tells me there’s something wrong with that. But I still don’t want to date.

    Rave: A possible end to this heat and dry spell (looking at weather forecast) ?!

  • Rave – big trip starting to come together! I’m biking in NZ Feb. 14-26, then sailing in Thailand in early March, but I’m still looking for ideas for early Feb. Does Morocco make sense as far as flights? Anyone know a good travel agent specializing in round-the-world or Pacific locations? Online searching myself is taxing with so many variables. Also I’d love suggestions on finding someone to “take over my life” for 5-6 weeks while I’m gone (besides CL) Live in my house, dog & cat care. I’m thinking retired vagabond couple, someone moving to DC etc.

    Rant – got a horrendous chomp on my finger while trying to extricate a pork chop bone from my dog’s mouth. I think I’m going to loose the fingernail.

  • Rant: Still waiting to hear a job offer…
    Rant: Boss is in a mood
    Rant: Humidity
    Rave: Cut and color tonight to rid the root-infested, humidity-frizzled, semi-mullet
    Rave: My puppy brings me such joy. She’s been so sweet lately. I couldn’t sleep last night so I went down to the couch to watch tv. When I let her out of her crate, she just jumped up onto the couch, snuggled up behind me, and didn’t move until morning.

  • Rave: VERY good dr. appointments in Philly yesterday, I don’t have to come back for another six months AND I don’t need another pacer for 1-2 more years! Super happy about that!
    Rant: Been dealing with migraines the last four days. I was planning on coming out to Karaoke but there is just no way my head can take that right now. Thank the gods for Zofran, I can at least deal with the nausea, but the pounding head and visual disturbances just keep coming and going. Maybe a good long sleep will help? I’ll miss you all at Karaoke, have a drink and a song for me!

  • jim_ed

    Rant: Another shooting last night, this time at 7th and Hamilton
    Rave: MPD made arrests for it.
    Rant: Matt Williams wasn’t publicly shot on the field after last night’s debacapocalypse.
    Rave: Less than 50 days until the Wizards start to play!

  • Single 30-something female, here. This is probably a question for the ages, but *is it safe to run alone in Rock Creek Park*?? I know there have been incidents (and google searching brings up a handful of warning articles)–do the women on here run alone there? What say you, internet wisdom??

    • I really shouldn’t talk because I don’t run. But if I were to run, I would not run alone in any park in DC. To me, the one in a million chance of being a victim of a crime in a place where no one might hear me scream is still too high of a chance. Have you thought of joining a running club?

    • From Woodley Park to Georgetown if its light out, yes.

    • I’m not a runner but I’ve hiked/walked alone in Rock Creek Park many times without incident. The Southern section, from around Pierce Mill to Georgetown is busier and therefore feels safer to me than the northern section. Stick to the main walking/biking trail where there’s more people if you feel unsafe. Explore the other hiking trails with people until you become familiar with them. As a precaution I don’t wear my headphones in when I hike. Also I don’t go after dark.

    • I run alone a lot in the early morning. Before it’s light on weekdays, I prefer sticking to sidewalks and the National Mall, plus Rock Creek south of P St. During morning commuting time, once it’s light out, I feel comfortable running on any part up to Calvert St. Ditto for the Towpath and the Capital Crescent.

      On weekends, it’s a different story – the park is pretty busy, and I feel comfortable on the trail up to Pierce Mill, and on Beach drive up to the MD line.

    • Depending on what you mean by rock creek park as it’s a huge area. I run on the weekends in more secluded parts of rock creek and feel safe. Especially the parts that are closed to traffic there are lots of people out. During the weekday mornings it is dark when I run next to rock creek parkway but I wear a headlamp and don’t listen to music. Running in the morning is what I love to do and I try to be smart about it (no running in wooded areas, music, going somewhere I feel unsafe). Try to go as late as possible and stick to routes where you will see other people or cars are out. There is always a chance of being a victim of a crime, running or not, alone or not, so be smart.

    • anonymouse_dianne


      Chandra Levy lived across the hall from me. We all knew she’d gone to jog in Rock Creek Park, even tho her mother denied it.

    • I’m a dude but have run in DC for going on 9 years. I think early morning on rock creek is safe from a crime issue, but during the fall/winter months when it is dark early, its a bit unsafe as its not smooth and its poorly lit, though a headlamp helps. There is usually a good deal of traffic from Calvert to Georgetown starting around 530am. I’m more worried about being hit by a car than I am of being robbed, assaulted or any other violent crime.

  • Rant/Rave: Am I the only person who thought the WashPost special section on our Football Team was, well, weird, maybe even snarky? I haven’t been a fan since Jack Kent Cooke denied paternity of his daughter but, still.

    • Just about everything in the Washington Post is weird and snarky at this point. It doesn’t really resemble journalism anymore, it’s like reading a transcription of a 23 year old telling you his/her version of the news.

  • Rant: The Nationals again snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. I’m trying to be optimistic about October, but they’re making it so hard.

    Rave: Replaced my garbage disposal over the weekend. It was a small victory to make me feel like an adult.

    Rant: Today is my ex’s birthday and my feelings for her are more present than normal. I want to talk to her.

    • Congratulations on the home improvement victory! I know it’s hard, going through it myself, but probably not good to contact the ex. Hang in there!

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