My Little Bistro becoming TACO-ma “Tacos and Yucatan chicken plus beer”

355 Cedar Street, NW

A reader reports:

“Gone: My Little Bistro. Central American chicken and sandwich shop.
Incoming: Takoma Yucatan Chicken.”

Old Takoma Business Association reports:

353 Cedar St, NW (formerly My Little Bistro)
Tacos and Yucatan chicken plus beer, wine and margaritas.
From the owners of Roscoe’s Pizzeria.
Opening date: TBD

The SpiceSuite
6904 4th St, NW (formerly Sitea Tea)
Spice Bar and Lounge
Opening date: Friday, September 4th.”

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  • yay for tacos! ? for spice!

    • Two different new Takoma DC shops: TACO-ma is going into the Little Bistro space. The SpiceSuite going into the Sitea Tea space. The Business Association tossed everything in one announcement (lame)!

      • no, i got that, not confused by the announcement but confused by what spice will be and if anyone needs to buy that much spice (other than my wife will buy all the spices).

  • justinbc

    Spice shops are nice if you can actually taste what you’re buying to see how the mix is. I wish more of them had small cooking stations where they made sample bites to showcase the flavors.

    • I usually buy my spices from Penzey’s, but spice shops are the best option if you don’t feel like ordering online. The stuff they sell in grocery stores is expensive, and limited, and often not very good.

  • I’m excited for the new taco place! My Little Bistro was not that great.

  • 🙁 my little bistro actually had pretty good tacos. also a tasty chicken salad sammy.

  • Super excited about tacos! I’m also happy about the spice shop, especially if they sell regular (not only blended) spices. Penzey’s is way too far from Takoma and the Coop doesn’t always have what I need.
    I’m surprised and a little sad that SiTea didn’t last. It seemed like a nice little shop.
    Now we just need the burrito place on 4th to finally open!

    • SiTea renamed itself Calabash Tea and Tonic and still lives on, just down near the Shaw metro station on 7th St. From what I could tell the owners decided they didn’t want to run two locations once they opened up the second one (after swearing up and down that the original Takoma location would stay open).

    • HaileUnlikely

      Unfortunately I think that at present, most places that rely on patrons from the neighborhood will struggle at the location of the old SiTea / new spice place. Virtually everybody who approaches the Takoma Metro from the DC side of the tracks passes by TACOma. Evolve seems to always have plenty of business and I suspect TACOma will do good business as well. In contrast, only people who walk up and down 4th would even know that SiTea is there. I’ve lived within a few blocks of SiTea and have been using the Takoma metro station for 12 years, but have only been on that block a couple of times (to go to DC Floors). If the spice place advertises well and people from far and wide decide to make special trips here to buy their spices, then it should do ok, but if it relies on neighbors to buy their spices there, it’ll be difficult to sustain.

      • So true. Primarily because the pedestrian situation is so terrible at that intersection. Despite my best intentions, I’ve only been to that block a handful of times, even though I live very close by.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Agreed. Also, my point of reference is that last time I was over on that strip (before SiTea came in) nothing there made me want to return, thus I did not return, thus the mechanism by which I would learn of a new business there that did not advertise was non-existent. I literally heard the name “SiTea” for the first time yesterday on this thread – I did not know that any such place was there.

  • My little bistro had decent food, but the place was completely disorganized. I hope TACOma gets it right!

  • I hope the emphasis on chicken in the title still means they have some decent vegetarian options.

  • Re: vegan option. Takoma has more than enough vegan options already in a very small area. Evolve, soupergirl, the burrito place if it ever opens.
    My hope is that the taco place just sticks to authentic tacos. I know it’s a long shot, but I hope to see some, lengua, tripa, and chiccharon tacos on the menu and not just chicken.

  • God bless Murat Uzuntepe and Cenk Duzturk! 🙂

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