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  • These are Cascade. I have a Nugget plant as well.

  • Awesome! How much did you yield? I’ve got a Mt. Hood hops bine in its first year that just started developing cones. Do you plan to throw them in fresh or dry them (and if drying them, how)? Would love to learn more

    • I’m in year 2 for both bines. The Nugget is in a planter that I think has restricted its growth a bit (half-barrel planter, but these things need a ton of space I guess). Don’t expect more than 8-12 oz from it; marginal increase over year 1. But it’s more of a bittering hop anyway, so I can live with a smaller yield.

      The Cascade is in the ground and gets a ton of light, and it has gone insane this year. Already picked over a pound, with at least that much again still on the plant (if not more). Might be near 2.5 pounds by the end of the season! Only downside is that the roots are killing the grass in front of it… probably pulled all the nutrients out of the soil.

      For brewing, I haven’t dried them. I freeze the hops when they’re picked; on brew day I put them in a food processor to maximize the surface area before they go in the wort. Make sure to use a hop bag or hop spider, otherwise they’ll clog up everything.

      I’m near Grant Circle, maybe we can work out a swap next year!

      • Thanks for the insight. I was thinking of drying mine, but don’t have that gear and happy to hear there is a good whole cone preservation approach. Certainly happy to swap or even brew together – as the name suggests, I am right on Sherman Circle.

      • Nice. We finally got a yield from a 3 year old bine of fuggles. They were dried in a mesh bag with a fan on them for 24 hours. Going to have to build a kiln next year I think. July wasn’t very nice to them.

        I made an Oatmeal stout over the weekend.

  • Dang. Both of my Willamette plants haven’t even began to flower. Just planted the rhizomes this year.

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