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  • It’s like someone is trying to make that stretch of Columbia road as crappy and as possible.

  • Very sad. We don’t need another wireless store, and this is a huge missed opportunity for that stretch of Columbia. Hopefully the new building in the old theater will spur some better development.

  • WTF?!? That sucks!

  • What’s happening with the strip of stores just to the west of 7-Eleven and the Pho restaurant? Four large stores in a row are empty and are now being charged the vacancy tax rate (there are signs on the door from OTR). Is the owner keeping them empty in order to demolish and re-develop? It certainly looks that way.

    • My understanding is that’s correct–that’s all being razed at some point: http://www.popville.com/2015/02/big-raze-coming-to-the-1700-block-of-columbia-road-nw/

    • Yeah, the owner is building by-right residential there and has come to an agreement (with the ANC I think) to preserve the façades and keep street facing retail.
      It’s too bad about the Boost mobile store – it doesn’t add anything with Cricket already across the street. With the increased density in an already dense neighborhood, I would think a few national clothing retailers like H&M would do well in some of the new, larger retail bays or the old Stroga spot. But I think one needs to take the leap before any others will consider it – maybe once the hotel opens.

    • In good retail news, the WBJ reports that the group behing Logan Hardware is opening a hardware store in the Ontario condo building nearing completion.

      • Stoked for this! I live down the street and would love to not have to schlep to woodley park or 14th st to get to a good hardware store.

  • It seems mobile phone stores are the new check cashing.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Isn’t there a Boost Mobile by McDonald’s? or Maybe it’s TMobile. Too many mombiles!

  • If I had to venture a guess (and the owner is not an idiot) I would say this is a short term lease. A mobile store has pretty minimal capital investment and might be willing to sign to a 2 or 3 year deal. The owner is likely (correctly) assuming that once the hotel down the street and other big developments are done that this location will command a much higher rent. At that point they could probably get a major national tenant at a high rate. Either that or they just resent the neighbors and want to annoy everyone.

  • justinbc

    Reverse gentrification?

  • samanda_bynes

    this is so annoying. it’s like when verizon went into CoHi…like whooooo cares.

  • “Yo Dog where you at?”

    -“Outside, with my man Josh”

  • Ugh. So disappointing. This stretch of Columbia is becoming Cell Phone Alley. Where are the NIMBY’s when you need them.

  • I’ve been researching how I can open a Subway in that area. Good idea or no?

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