New Restaurant, Wicked Bloom, from Owner of DCity Smokehouse Coming to North Capitol and Florida Ave, NW

Street view of 1540 North Capitol St, NW via google maps

Awesome. A reader passes on from the Bloomingdale listserv:

“The Closed Subway at 1540 North Capitol Street NW Planned to Become a Restaurant/Tavern with a Liquor License – from the DCity Smokehouse team”

The Bates Area Civic Association shares more details:

“DCity Smokehouse team plans to open a restaurant/tavern at the former Subway place at 1540 North Capitol Street NW.

The name of the new business is Wicked Bloom.”

They’ve also posted a draft menu here.

DCity Smokehouse also has plans for 2nd and Florida Ave, NW. Stay tuned for updates on both fronts.

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  • Good. This corner needs some help.

    • Aren’t there two large apartment buildings in the works within a block or two of here on North Cap?

      • Do you mean the huge development at Florida and New York Ave (Dave Thomas Circle)? That’s a couple blocks east. This corner on North Cap has a lot of drunks who spill out from the liquor store. The neighborhood in both directions has come a long way, but this particular corner can be sketchy.

        • I think it’s the Q Street development that is coming.

          • Oh yeah, the big empty lots filling in. Of course.

          • Not only that, but there’s also a proposed residential unit for the empty DC-owned lot at Bates and N Cap. The developer gave a presentation at a recent meeting.

          • And presumably something will get built on the southwest corner of the intersection at P and North Cap at some point. The 1400 and 1500 blocks of North Cap are such a dead zone bounded by liquor stores and homeless people. I’m not sure what will turn it around, but this seems like a nice start.

        • There’s the Florida and Q NW development…the city asked for bids last October and there’s been no movement forward. City has been pretty quiet.

          Then there’s the northwest corner of Florida and North Cap. Joe Mamo owns that property, I believe he’s had plans approved, but has never lifted a finger to build.

          There’s also a planned apartment complex coming down the road at 50 Florida NE. That one appears to be navigating the permit process as we speak.

  • I live right on Bates Street.

    The only downside is I’m going to have to start exercising more… and I wish the Meaty Palmer was on the new menu!

  • This looks awesome! Glad that corner is getting something nice, and glad there will be another option in the neighborhood for DC City Smokehouse fans.

  • Oh boy– a one-of-a-kind replacing a Subway on North Capitol? Those Mt. Pleasant Subway activists must be peeved.

  • justinbc

    That’s a really random compilation of menu items. I hope it appeals enough to the nearby audience.

    • Looks like mostly bar snacks. With offal on the menu and Bloom in the name I thought it might be a Ulysses/James Joyce reference.

    • I live right up the street and plan on going specifically for the boiled peanuts.

  • I agree with Truxton Thomas – this corner is a mess, I can only hope Wicked Bloom will continue the revival of this area.

    Last time I was there I had to walk thru a crowd of angry drunks at 11am.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      I thought there was talk of maybe doing something with the park across the street, which would likely help eliminate much of the problems on this corner.

      • That park just north of Florida, if that is what you mean, reeks of urine. It’s awful. I have gone to eat at Firehouse a few times just north of there and walked out of the way up 1st Street and back down around just to avoid it.

        That stretch of North Capitol south of Florida to New York is in desperate need of new businesses, but I’m worried until the liquor stores close, it will be a long time coming.

        • Those liquor stores have little to do with the inevitable change. It’s mostly a matter of Douglas actually doing something with all those lots it owns on the east side of N Cap along that stretch. Once we lose the empty lots, you can bet we’ll start seeing more change across the street.

          • don’t you think it has more to do with all the social services concentrated in this area (poorly design in my opinion)? the cheap liquor store, bus stop, and “turn your head” enforcing of drugs/loitering just add to the mix and are what make this corner awful.

          • You’re right in the sense that those social services are responsible for bringing these folks to the area, but I don’t think they are responsible for them lingering/loitering in the area. The blighted nature of the large, barren lots effectively encourages loitering. “Oh, nobody here will mind” sorta thing.

          • The social services surely add to the population of loiterers. In particular, SOME feeds people twice a day and because DC homeless shelters close in the morning, they have nowhere else to go. It makes sense most who get dropped off around there stick around for the meals. The loitering in front of the liquor stores, however, does not often appear to be the same people who are loitering around for the social services. I think the loitering in the open space are mostly homeless people, but the ones on the corner are often clearly not homeless, they are just drunks or drug dealers. I take the bus from North Capitol every day. It’s not very pleasant. I have no issues with homeless people loitering because they have very few places to go (although aggregating them all in one place for meals is probably contributing unnecessarily to the numbers), but the drunks and drug dealers always make me pretty uncomfortable.

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