It Really Happened Romo Departs Adams Morgan – “Thanks for the Memories”


Thanks to a reader for sending for sending the sign above. Looks like their condo sold. Well, I echo the sentiment – thanks for the memories you brought many many smiles to many many people. Be well and enjoy your new digs Romo (and owners.)

Photo by PoPville flickr user ekelly80

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  • Emmaleigh504

    I hope Romo brings much joy to his new neighborhood. I’ll miss him.

  • Nooooo!!!!! I’ll miss Romo, my husband and I always made a point of looking for him whenever we passed by. Hope he enjoys his new neighborhood and brings as many smiles there as he did here in AdMo. Cheers, buddy!

    • You people do realize there are dogs out there who need adopting right? If you all miss this one so much then try adopting one of your own.

      • Whoa there…apples and oranges. You can admire certain things without needing to take ownership of them. I love cute kids in strollers but I’m not ready to “adopt” one yet.

  • I will miss seeing Romo every day on my commute!

  • I literally cried when I saw this yesterday. We see Romo every day on our way home from school and he makes my children so happy. Thanks Romo! We will certainly miss you!

  • Oh, doggy love! I really hope he will have a comparably dynamic window at which to relax and observe the biped’s exciting world.

  • He’s not gone quite yet. He was hanging out the window with one paw on the sign this morning, but since the place is now sold, he’ll be gone any day now no doubt. If you want to see him, maybe try to swing by after work tonight.

  • O Romo, Romo! wherefore art thou Romo?

  • Bye sweetheart and enjoy your new home.

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