Donburi releases new Menu with “new bowls and more sashimi”

2438 18th Street, NW

Donburi tweeted out their new menu yesterday:

“THE REVAMPED MENU finally starting tomorrow! Build your own, new bowls, and more fresh (sashimi) items!!”

You can see their old menu here.

New menu after the jump.

donburi menu

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  • Wait, so now you can customize your own bowl but the old, standard, delicious options are also like $2 more? Nooooo! Donburi! You were great before! Then you added booze for no real reason. Now this! Stop!

  • A sly way to up their prices…the food here is still awesome though.

  • Love Donburi, but what’s with the price increases?

  • Anonomnom

    This may be my favorite place to pick up quick dinner. I absolutely love them ever since they started doing non-fried options (don’t get me wrong, love the fried too but can be heavy.)

    That said, this really does just seem like a way to sneak in a price increase. 🙁

  • So the new increased price is $11 …but you can also “build your own” and get the same thing for $7? What is different between building your own (say, traditional sauce with tonkatsu) and the original classic (katsudon)? It says the bowls come with the garnishes & pickles so… What am I missing?

    Also, this sucks! They really played the game well- they sucked us all in with delicious cheap food, but these bowls cost so little to make that $11 is stupid. I guess they expanded the menu so their costs are going to go up. And they are serving alcohol so seats wont turn as fast. So… more expenses + less patrons = higher costs. No thanks. I loved Donburri for what it was, but now I’ll probably stay at home and make my own. Goodbye Donburri, you were wonderful.

    • You’re required to combine two or more of the fried or fresh options, i.e. $3 donburi bowl + $4 pork + $4 shrimp

      • Wow – I totally missed that too.

        Really love this place but price increases mean I’ll just go less. Bummer.

  • This has been a strong addition to Adams Morgan and I’d really hoped they would evolve from their heavily fried beginnings into more sensible options for the clientele that’s likely to frequent a place like this.

    It seems they’re responding to the market in terms of food options but missing the mark on their new prices. They fill a good niche as a cheap Japanese diner and need to stay that way or they’ll lose their advantage.

  • My favorite Gyudon went up $1 to $10. The change usually went in the tip jar.
    In Japan you can get Gyudon for around 600 yen, or at the current exchange rate around $5.

  • I’m not bothered that much by this price increase – seems like they are still charging a reasonable price given the quality/quantity of the food (and given the location and popularity). The place in Adams Morgan that I think is actually overpriced is Pops Sea Bar – nice space and good food, but overpriced for what you get.

    • Pops is absurdly overpriced.
      I don’t mind the price increase at Donburri, as it’s still a great deal for a large meal.

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