Crumbs & Coffee Closed in Adams Morgan

1737 Columbia Rd NW

Thanks to a reader for sending word:

“Have you heard anything about the Crumbs & Coffee shop in Adams Morgan on Columbia Rd? It has been closed for the past couple weeks (doors locked, lights off, etc.) and today I saw a sign that said “we are closed -mgmt”. It was unclear, however, if that meant permanently closed or temporarily.

It is a solid little neighborhood spot, with friendly people, and a down-to-earth atmosphere.”

Word on the street is closed for good but I’ll update when/if it becomes official. Coffee glut in Adams Morgan?



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  • This was my morning iced coffee & bagel go to spot! I was really hoping this place was just temporarily closed.

  • That’s too bad, they sneakily had one of the best bagels in the city. I never told anyone because I wanted it to stay secret. Looks like that was my mistake.

  • If it’s closed for good, it had a pretty good run. Much longer than I expected it to last when it opened up in 2004 or so.

  • Could have something to do with their lease running out and the ONTARIO 17 nearing completion across the street.
    If something more upscale opens in that space this fall then C&C probably was “gentrified” out of existence.

  • I am thrilled to see that this place is closed! Their patio is a haven for low-lifes when they are closed in the evening. It’s so great to see Columbia Rd turning around.

    • Bit harsh. What ‘low lives’ show up after business hours (which is out of proprietors’ control) shouldn’t mean it’s thrilling that a local business which a lot of people were a fan of is now gone. We don’t know why they closed,, but don’t misplace frustration with zoning/gentrification/policing onto people trying to make a living.

      • Don’t most businesses with sidewalk cafes put away the chairs/tables when they’re closed, so as to discourage people hanging out after hours?

    • Red Panda

      Agreed regarding the lowlifes. I’m sick of being cat called by the guys who hang out there.

  • They should open a Subway there. Everyone on this board would support it over.

  • I used to live around the corner. They made a mean egg-bacon-cheese bagel.

  • The Potter’s House is serving up great coffee in a great atmosphere these days. I’m pretty psyched about their new vibe.

    This particular stretch of Columbia seems caught in limbo. Lots of vacancies and no movement from owners to demolish or re-rent.

    • +1. The new Potter’s House is awesome.

      The vacanct storefronts down the road (old Payless, etc.) are about to be redone with housing above. Hopefully some good retail goes in there as well as in the Ontario. Adams Morgan was already a high density hood and a good amount of new housing has recently or will soon come online, plus the hotel under construction should help.

    • The revamped Potters House looks good…and always seems busy. I’m curious though, I went in there a couple years back and it seemed to be a Christian bookstore (I could care less one way or the other just as long as no one proselytizes to me) – is that still the case?

      • they are still owned by the church that has always owned it, but the management is all new. no more religious vibes in there at all, although they do not serve alcohol in accordance with their ownership’s policies. agreed with above that the atmosphere is lovely – great food and coffee and the book/magazine selection is top notch! it’s like having a little politics and prose in admo.

  • This is disappointing, they had one of the best crumb cakes around.

  • Surprised it lasted as long as it did. It was gross. Dirty, bugs, surly staff.

    • AND HOW!!!!! “Surly” sums it up quite nicely……I came back to DC in 2006, when they were making a mean lightly-toasted-plain-bagel-with-cream-cheese. DAMN it was good, just crunchy enough, but still chewy. I’d pick one up before class, let it cool on my way to school, then after about two lectures, it was so bueno. Service was great back then, then steadily declined.

      My last visit was sometime last year–IT WAS HOTTER THAN Hades, kind of smelled, and the service was kinda slow, buttttt I wanted to give them my biz, being local and all. I ordered one of the frappy drinks, it was good, too sweet, but the lady who whipped it up was nice. But I was sad as I left, as I knew it would not be long….

  • Come to Tenleytown. We exist!

  • I live around the corner from here, and this place always weirded me out. A lot of people loitering at all hours. I wanted to try it out, but the loiterers discouraged me.

  • Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! this was my favorite bagel and coffee place forever. 🙁 Now where will i get my “bagel con lox para llevar” when i move back to DC? 🙁

  • I pass by there regularly but the place never seemed inviting enough for me to give it a try. But I will miss using their WiFi when I’m waiting to get a haircut upstairs at Trim.

    • Aglets

      how is Trim nowdays? I haven’t been since it was above DCCD

      • It hasn’t changed much, maybe a bit busier than usual lately because they’ve been short staffed. I believe they signed a new lease not long ago, so it looks like they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

  • I used to stopby occasionally when I lived in the area. Not the greatest at anything but but it was a nice enough place that wasn’t part of a chain. They’ve stuck around longer than I would have expected..

  • Back in 2009 I bought a stale crumb cake and noticed a lot of bugs on the floor. Never returned
    Most people just sat in there and used their wifi….
    Hope this becomes a small plates establishment

    • I applaud you for being the most stereo typical DC commentor ever. Give me small plates, or give me death!

    • “Hope this becomes a small plates establishment”

      Yes, because what DC needs more of are small plate establishments. Or maybe they can put another gym there instead. Because those are things DC does not have enough of!

  • I don’t have much of a feeling either way. I lived a few blocks away for 5 years, and never went inside. It always looked like a bunch of loiterers hanging out on the patio. In other AdMo news, there’s a new wine bar on the first floor of Roofers Union and Cashion’s Eat Place is scheduled to undergo a renovation.

  • Aww man, that’s a bit sad, they were great in a pinch when you didn’t want to or–on some particularly rough weekend mornings–couldn’t make it down the block to Admo proper. Nothing spectacular food or coffee wise, was always just kind of…there…

    First Chief Ikes and now this, who’s next to go at that intersection?

  • Rumor has it that it will be a Boost Mobile store.

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