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  • I almost missed the DC flags on the top. Also, it appears that there are DC-centric books painted on the sides, but I can only make out Capitol Hill Haunts. Anyway, somebody put some time in on this.

  • Ally

    I’m a huge fan of this one! Thanks from your neighbor up the street at 16th & A 🙂

    • I’ve always wondered who puts these up. Is it the homeowners, the city or a charity group? I’ve seen them all over the place, but have never known who is actually involved setting them up.

      • It’s Free Minds! They do incredible work getting books into the DC Jail for teenagers. They also get them to write poetry too and host nights where previously incarcerated people can do readings. Their work is so important- so many teenagers spend their entire day in solitary confinement and have no outlet. This blog should really do a post about them

      • Most are erected and maintained by the homeowner.

    • ha ha, thanks Ally! You do a lot for the neighborhood as well- I’m glad you live up the street from us.

  • How long until a punk from Eastern HS attempts a flying jump kick and knocks it over? In my experience of living next to Cardozo HS for the last 3 years, the kids go absolutely crazy in the last few weeks of school.
    Le sigh.

    • justinbc

      Yeah I wondered the same thing, although most of the ones I’ve spotted around the Hill have been there for quite sometime (presumably without disruption).

    • We were concerned about vandalism when we put one up two years ago. So much so that we built a second one so that it could be replaced on short notice, not letting vandals “win.” And, quite happily, not a single thing has happened to it so far!

      The only problems we’ve had are bookends being stolen twice and the rare person you see get very greedy in terms of how many books they take. Totally minor annoyances relative to the love the neighborhood seems to have for it.


  • Check out the one on 4th between Upshur and Varnum. The home owner also added a seed library!

  • Hi all- I live at this house and it’s my free library. We’re a house of returning citizens (ex-offenders) and we made this library (and do other things) to be a positive force in our neighborhood. The artist, a friend of ours, created a painting scheme that looks like row houses that are the covers of DC-based books. We also put up the Free Minds logo (a book club that works with kids who via Title 16 have to go to adult prison as juveniles) because they’ve supported some of us, and they are a book club for kids in jail And of course we had to put up the DC flag! You can learn more about our company at cleandecisions.com. We just made this for ourselves, but would be happy to make libraries for others if of interest

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