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    • justinbc

      Amazingly there are no pre-opening fake reviews on Yelp, yet.

    • How long should it take to bring in a couple portable facilities and a half dozen picnic tables?
      It’s a huge lot and there is hardly anything in there. Are they going to make use of the rest of the space?

      • Eventually someone’s gonna slap a building down on that lot.

      • justinbc

        Oh, is that really all it is? I was under the impression they were building something LOL.

      • Have you ever had to deal with getting DC permits?

        • No, but following the links back through popville history shows “@6C_ABL meeting 2/9 7p at 700 2nd NE. Agenda: Sticky Fingers & Addis on H, Alibi on 2nd + BEER GARDEN at 150 M NE!” I have no idea when they started the process that would get the proposal to that meeting or how long things should take from there.

      • REI has rented out half the space to conduct classes and training. I saw a few folks setting up a camping tent the other day.

  • I haven’t stopped in but my apartment looks directly over it – this summer should be interesting. Has anyone checked out the prices?

  • I stopped in for a post-work drink last night. I think it’s a great addition to NoMa. Great location, the staff was super friendly, almost all the tables are completely shaded by large umbrellas (not that they were needed last night), and a good selection of German beers. I see myself frequenting this spot often this summer!

  • Brandy

    We went yesterday after coming back from Union Market and it was so cute, sweet and quaint. They offered several German beers and two locals from Evolution and Port City. Everyone there was so nice and inviting. We are looking forward to this being RIGHT beside our building. We ran into several people that live in our building at the soft opening yesterday, so that was very pleasant. This place is going to be great for our community…and trouble for us to not go every day. 🙂

  • accendo

    Anyone know if they’re dog-friendly like Dacha?

  • Any food or just beer?

  • Excellent. Judging by the lines at Dacha, there is plenty of room in the market for another beer garden in DC.

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