It’s Officially Official – 40,000-square-foot Whole Foods coming to Shaw near 9:30 Club

965 Florida Ave, NW

From a press release:

“MRP Realty, developers of commercial, residential and mixed-use real estate across the Washington metropolitan region, and Ellis Development Group (Ellis), today announced that Whole Foods Market has signed a lease for an approximately 40,000-square-foot store at 965 Florida Avenue, NW. No target opening date has been set.

“Whole Foods Market is a best-in-class grocer that matches well with our development,” said MRP principal Matt Robinson. “Their addition will not only be an asset to the project, but to the local community.”

“For years, residents this side of U Street and Shaw have been eagerly waiting for a high-quality natural and organic grocery store,” said Chip Ellis, president of Ellis Development Group. “We look forward to working with Whole Foods Market to create the best possible space for them and their customers.”

“With so much excitement surrounding a possible location in Shaw – a fun, vibrant and culturally significant neighborhood – we’re thrilled to make it official,” said Whole Foods Market Mid-Atlantic Region president Scott Allshouse. “We look forward to offering our customers – both longtime shoppers and those new to us – access to even more of the highest quality natural and organic products available and show why we’re called ‘America’s Healthiest Grocery Store.’”

Whole Foods Market currently has 417 stores in the U.S., Canada and the U.K., with 44 in its Mid-Atlantic Region. The company is a leading natural and organic grocer with a commitment to transparency and maintaining the highest quality standards in the industry. Its quality standards for food prohibit artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, preservatives or hydrogenated fats.

Located at 965 Florida Avenue, 965 Florida Ave. is a District-owned parcel near Howard University. In July 2013, MRP won the District’s bid to redevelop the parcel in a joint venture with Ellis.

The 370,000-square-foot mixed-use building will feature approximately 400 residential units, 30 percent of which will be made available as affordable dwelling units. MRP and Ellis will begin processing the Planned Unit Development for the building this summer.”


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  • This was supposed to be a Harris Teeter. I still want a Harris Teeter.

  • While I’m happy another WF is opening up in my general neighborhood, it does seem a little weird to me that it’s opening this location only about 12 blocks from the existing P street location. Why not Columbia Heights or Petworth?

    • The market can bear two so close. Have you gone to p st on a weekend? It’s a madhouse! Those locations likely don’t fit the criteria in terms of the target audience. I could see them doing their lower tier wf offshoot in cohi or petworth.

      • What is their lower tier whole foods offshot?!?!? I want one.

        • Wf is looking to create lower end stores. Not sure how far in the process they are, but I gather it’s because they aren’t growing nearly as fast as they used to.

        • They just announced this yesterday, and I was wondering if the Florida Ave location might be one.

      • Yeah, true, weekends there are not fun at all. Although having to been at WF in Union Square in NYC it seems nowhere near that capacity (granted that location has more cashiers). Just thought they’d give a little more distance between locations. Regardless, I’m happy because it’ll alleviate the crowds at P street – I’ll be curious to see which location is less crowded.

        • Yeah i hope this at least relieves pressure on the P street location! (I’ve been in the Union Square WF in NYC too – it makes a busy P street day seem trivial!)

    • I would say that this serves lower columbia heights at least. Also, I’m guessing that the columbia heights/bloomingdale/shaw demographic is more favorable for their business model than the columbia heights/petworth/parkview demographic.

    • As a Petworth resident – I feel like I will be well served by this WF. Between the multiple bus lines (62/63, 64), quick drive down NH to Sherman, or bike ride (especially Bike commuters like me who pass right by this location 2x/day) , this will be pretty easy for folks in Petworth or Park View to get to.

      • When dc folks say they aren’t served, they mean it’s more than 1 stop away from them. If you’re sort of close to petworth metro, you could easily get to that area. Buses are also nearby. Even farther out folks near fort totten can get there on metro/bus.

      • Yeah, the only way it could work better for me would be if it were not at the bottom of the hill. Pedaling uphill with groceries isn’t much fun.

    • The fact that they are 12 blocks apart would would not have made sense 7-8 years ago. However, when you think about the number of new apartment/condo building that have popped up in the Logan/Shaw area since the original Whole Foods was built it makes sense. If the population growth in these areas justifies another store.

  • justinbc

    It must suck if you live in one of those culturally insignificant neighborhoods.

  • Technically that is Pleasant Plains (Columbia Heights). But either way, it’s great for U-Street/Pleasant Plains/Cardoza/Shaw neighbors.

  • “MRP and Ellis will begin processing the Planned Unit Development for the building this summer.”

    So I does this mean the project is still sometime from breaking ground and probably 4 to 5 years from completion?

    • Yes, which is why I don’t understand everyone’s excitement.

      • It’s still a big deal, even if the completion date is a ways out.
        I am hoping this will really jumpstart change along Georgia Avenue.

        • That’s kind of the point, though. If a grocery store that won’t open for 5 years is the “jumpstart” of change, it will take decades.

  • It will be interesting to see how this affects plans for the McMillan development.

  • As a Park View resident, I think our neighborhood will be well served by this WF. We stopped going to the one on P St b/c it is so far and crowded. We love going to the U St TJ’s though!

  • Hope there is some serious underground parking.. Getting from Rhode Island ave through 9th and U is already a traffic nightmare most days

    • most people in this neighborhood don’t drive cars, and there will be plenty of people in this neighborhood alone to support the store.

      having said that, the garage could also charge an arm and a leg at night.

      • I hope there is no underground parking! That way no one drives there.

      • Whole Foods insists on having free dedicated parking. This is why they didn’t go into DC USA. Most people near this site may very well walk to WF, which is great, but they are no doubt planning to draw in people from surrounding neighborhoods, who will need to drive.

    • Who drives anymore? Here’s hoping they have an Uber pick up and drop off lane.

      WF stores generate a ton of traffic. Watch the clusterfuck outside the P Street location. Same thing happens in Clarendon and at the two locations on Whiskey. Doesn’t matter many transit options available. People drive to WF.

      • People drive to grocery stores because they don’t want to lug bags of food back home on public transit given an alternative. For quick trips, I’m sure some drivers would opt to walk, bike, metro.
        I drive many times because it’s faster than waiting on bus or metro w/o surge pricing.

      • I am bummed about the traffic but Ok with quality fish and meat that is not brown on one side (Safeway!!!) People with kids, people who like to go hiking and boating on the weekends, people who have friends and jobs outside the immediate area, people who are from California – we all have cars.

    • In my opinion, the Trader Joe’s parking lot impact on 14th street traffic has been negligible. Most people walk to it.

      • west_egg

        I hate that parking garage so much. Between how tight it is, the difficulty navigating the curve at the bottom of the ramp, and the massive speed bump at the top (I understand that they’re trying to protect pedestrians but if you want to get over the thing you’ve basically got to get a running start) — I avoid it altogether.

  • Anyone know if they’re still working together with JBG to include a W St. extension?

    • The press release sure reads as if JBG is out of the deal entirely.

    • That is what I want to know–as great as this is for PP, Shaw and CoHi…it’s closer to me in Ledroit, but due to the lack of roads, it feels far. W Street would make this a 10 minute walk vs. a 20 and would relieve some of that FL/Georgia/9th St. local traffic from Bloomingdale and Ledroit.

  • I’m so glad an organic grocery store is coming to the area. The silicate grocers in the neighborhood don’t have anything I can eat.

  • I don’t live near Shaw but hopefully this will take some pressure off the 14th St whole foods which is a mad house most days. I’m now starting to go out to the Whole Foods in NoVa to do this kind of shopping because it’s a much more pleasant experience out there as there are actually enough full service grocery stores to meet demand.

    • And the situation in NoVa will improve even more – Whole Foods at the same time is announcing a new 70,000 sq ft store near the Greensboro metro stop on the Silver Line in Tysons Corner.

  • I hope they rework the intersection! 9th and Florida and v and w and Vermont is already an insane hot mess. I can’t imagine how much worse a wf could make it.
    I know most people won’t drive, but some will.

  • I wonder what this means for 9:30 club 🙁

  • Nice to see there’s a good number of affordable units coming to this project.

  • I still think this is a weird location. It’s not exactly a no man’s land, but it’s sort of an odd choice to me.
    Something in Petworth makes sense. Maybe in the future they could demolish the gas station at at Kansas and Georgia to build a grocery store. The owner of that property and several other contiguous buildings is looking to sell.

    • I think this location makes a lot of sense–all the large, new high end buildings going up in the immediate vicinity, LeDroit, Bloomingdale, Pleasant Plains, lower Columbia Heights, U Street… Also like others have said this will be pretty simple to get to even from Petworth.

      • Not to mention the high volume of traffic during the day from Howard students and staff, as well as, the hospital. WF is all about daytime traffic in selecting a location. Petworth wouldn’t offer that.

    • there is a super market around there already.

      • A better location would be in the abandoned block of cement across Georgia from Straw, Stick, and Brick just north of gallatin.

  • It’s not Shaw, but whatever

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