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  • The market for bland over priced Mexican seems limitless here. May be not or at least maybe are getting smarter about it.

    • Well it would actually seem that there IS a limit, considering that Mi Cocina closed in the past few months, as well. That said, I wouldn’t have consider Mi Cocina bland or overpriced…it’s too bad it closed!

  • Just a bad spot. The Penn Location seems to do quite well between workers, tourists and Verizon Center patron.

  • I’ve heard that the staff had essentially no warning about this location’s closing. Crappy on the owner’s part.

  • Not surprised at all – it was always empty and never had quite the same vibe as the Penn Quarter and Nat’l Harbor locations. The food was overpriced and the service was lackluster. Hope something unique opens there – FH is the land of the chains.

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