In Other Bloomingdale News – It’s Gonna be Improv not Espresso

80 T Street, NW

Last week a reader heard some scuttlebutt that a new espresso spot could be coming to the space behind Rustik. On twitter another reader says the space will soon “offer improv classes & performances.” Updates when more info is known. Sounds promising!

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  • So disappointing.

    • I’m intrigued.

    • Why? Don’t you want artists and interesting/creative people in your neighborhood? This is the type of stuff that really drives growth and makes for well-rounded communities.
      DC has enough snooze-worthy, generic-“luxury” consumption opportunities for the professional paper pushers.

      • What evidence do you have that improv classes “drive growth”?

        • Not specifically improv classes, but arts venues in general. They are a draw for those outside the neighborhood. Ain’t no one coming to Bloomingdale for a cup of coffee. They will, however, have a cup of coffee at Big Bear or a beer at Showtime after their improv show.
          See how that works?

  • I really think that business model is solid…improv classes? Seriously?

  • Awesome! DC has an incredibly active comedy and improv scene. Glad to hear about one more comedic addition – another coffee shop would just be more of the same.

    • I’m surprised there’s such a negative reaction to a unique opportunity, especially when this place is a short walk from Big Bear, Windows, Grassroots Gourmet and the Cafe Los Suenos popup at Showtime. But I guess the demand for all-day wifi for the price of a $3 cup of coffee really knows no bounds.

      • Sometimes you want a late or espresso – and realistically the only place in the neighborhood is Big Bear which for me is just too crowded to ever brave (admittedly, I have not been to the weekend pop-up at Showtime, so I do’t know what they offer). Don’t get me wrong – I’m a huge fan of the coffee at Grassroots, and the fact that they open at a time where I can actually get a cup before heading to work is great but ultimately serving coffee don’t make you a coffee shop.

        That said – I think this comedy space plan is fine.

        • All valid points. And as someone who can’t bear long lines (no pun intended), I have no doubt that there is capacity for another full-service coffee shop in the neighborhood. I was just sort of surprised at how many comments dismissed the potential for a performing arts space in the neighborhood.

  • “Boom, boom, boom!” “Thought you could get away with it?”

  • Bummer…I would have loved another coffee house!

  • Was I the only one hoping for another pizza option?

  • I’m am holding out hopes for both. What could be better than espresso AND improv?

  • I want another restaurant and coffee shop because the options in the District are soooooooo limited. Geeeeeeez. Granted, I’m typing this from a coffee shop within walking distance of U Street which has unlimited options of all kinds of cuisines, but I need espresso and nan as SOON as I step out of my fucking door!

  • Psyched about this. I live four blocks from here, and am thrilled to have a lively arts scene in Bloomingdale.

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