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  • I hope the “new theme” includes their marvelous tartare.

    • I hope their “new theme” includes improved food. The restaurant always used to be a hidden gem of ours for the happy hour special, but the last two visits were pretty lackluster – bowls of mussels much less full than in the past, bland broths, and declining attentiveness. Also, my mother in law got a bad batch of mussels on her last visit only a month ago.

      • That’s a shame to hear because this was always my favorite place for French/Belgian cuisine. I would have much rather dined here than le Diplomate. But it has been at least six months since I’ve been. Hope they improve when they reopen.

  • This used to be my go-to, but the wine selection was a bit poor the last time I went. I hope they don’t turn it into Le Diplomate. Still, I would go back.

  • epric002

    i hope the “new theme” is still french/belgian. i love this place.

  • My meals there ran the gamut from really good to really poor. After a number of tries I just stopped going because I was never sure which version of Bistro La Bonne I was going to get. It’s too bad, though. On good nights the kitchen put out some great food. But those bad nights…. Oy….

  • The happy hour is still a good deal.
    Though if you want the best mussels in the city, you need to go to St. Arnold’s for HH. However, their beer is overpriced.

  • I agree they need an update but they still serve a great steak for $25. Definitely one of my favorite go to/fall back places.

  • I hope the food/theme doesn’t change too drastically, but that the service vastly improves.

  • This has been my go to brunch spot for a long time. I also love how it’s easy to have a big group dine there. We went here before my son’s baptism. We had the top floor all to ourselves. We had around 20 people and the bill came to like $220. I was happy that we could afford to treat everyone. It was a great value.

  • Hope the new theme includes better service – that’s been my chronic problem at that place.

  • Lol I tried to order apparently on the week/weekend they started doing reservations. It WOULD’VE been my first time there. I’ll call them at the start of June to see if they’ve reopened.

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