The Pub and the People Broken Into, Tools Stolen, Could Delay Opening “Considerably” – Anyone Know Anything?

1648 North Capitol Street, NW at R Street

From an email:

The Pub and the People was broken into sometime between 11pm last night and 8am this morning. Most of our tools were stolen which is going to slow our opening down considerably. We are asking anyone who may have seen something to contact Officer Melissa Maroney case # 037089 at 202.698.0150

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  • Well, I know that this sucks. 🙁 Best of luck to the Pub and the People team!

  • What assholes. Hopefully there are some leads. the P&P team has been nothing short of awesome. Updates on their social media, the open house last year, responding to questions…

  • Any further input on what kids of tools to be on the look out for?

  • I am so very sorry. That’s horrible!

  • I would go to the Home Depot parking lot and see if anyone is hawking used tools. See it all the time there.

  • Didn’t this also happen back in October or November? My friends and I walked to Flea Market Store (best place ever for buying tables and chairs, by the way) and a window had been shattered and what looked like the owners were walking in and around the space.

  • There really is no shortage of useless pieces-of-sh*t, is there?

  • I bet if you open crowdfund sight to get some new tools and put the link back out through this listserv and maybe POP too, you’ll be back in business in no time. I would contribute… I’ll be alot of Bloomingdale folks would too to get you guys started soon.. best, Todd

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