DCity Smokehouse moving to 1700 2nd St, NW applying for a Liquor License

1700 2nd Street, NW

Back in January we learned that DCity Smokehouse was moving to new diggs a few blocks to 1700 2nd Street, NW. An observant reader notes that on the ANC 5E’s Agenda for March 17 there is an item listing:

“ABRA Application – DCity Smokehouse (1700 2nd Street, NW)”

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  • Hopefully they get an outdoor patio for the big space out front. Also … I wonder how I would feel about my apartment smelling like delicious smoked meat all day (for the upper floor apartments that I assume are there). Could be awesome.

    • With all the traffic on Florida, I feel like an outdoor patio would be kind of miserable.

      • Works pretty well at Shaw’s Tavern and Bistro Bohem.

        • I used to live in a basement apartment across the street from Bistro Bohem and Shaw’s tavern and was very bothered by the amount of noise Florida avenue produced (particularly the ambulances going to Howard University Hospital). I never understood the outdoor seating there, either. It might be different if it’s only for an hour or two while you are eating but still not my idea of a good atmosphere.

          • I’m quite familiar! We’re at Florida and Rhode Island so know the ambulance sirens intimately. But I think the 6th/Florida patios still work fine, and in fact my wife and I like to meet Friday evenings at Bistro Bohem to eat on the patio when it’s nice out. In fact, it’s kind of enjoyable seeing all the miserable people in their cars driving home to Maryland after we’ve walked from the office. But I certainly understand the frustration with the sirens.

      • Yea, I hear you. All those places on 14th must hate the vehicle traffic that renders their patios useless.

    • Accountering

      Word on the street is that there are some large improvements coming to the exterior of that building as well, with a patio and such. Developers seem to be awesome, and I am quite excited for this improvement. This corner is going to be massively improved.

      • Would you mind sharing some details? Will they be making changes to the building itself or just building out the patio to make it more inviting?

  • NOOOOO!! This is directly on my commute home.
    I’m going to be so fat.

  • What kind of discount would you require to live above a BBQ restaurant? I honestly feel bad for people who already bought a condo in this building. I loooooooooove DC Smokehouse, but it would piss me off if I had just dropped a large chunk of savings into my apartment only to be smelling smokey meat everyday. It’s a tough trade-off.

    • That building is sold out – this is the last vacant unit. The condo owners should have all had a voice in whether or not this business moves into the vacant space. I’m guessing that DCity’s move there is going to increase everyone else’s property value, rather than the other way around. (Keep in mind that these are all small, “affordable” units as opposed to large, luxury units where the owners can afford to choose whether they want to live above a smokehouse or not.)

  • It will be a second location not a move…I live across the street

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