Kids under 12 now eat free Tuesdays at Brookland Pint


From an email:

“Kids eat free at Brookland Pint on Tuesdays [716 Monroe Street, NE]. All they have to do is show up with a parent and they get a free kids entree.”

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  • andy

    what about beers? Can my kid drink for free too?

  • BP is about to find out just how many kids there are in Brookland.
    Answer: a bajillion.

  • Evidence that they are losing business to their nearly identical peers? Of the triplet that opened last year with the same concept, we go to Brookland’s Finest and Steel Plate twice as often as we go to Brookland Pint, and Steel Plate doesn’t even have a kids menu! The Pint’s food and service is just not as good, and parking is harder. Now they’ve also got competition from Busboys right across the street.

    • brookland_rez

      Business has always been healthy when I’ve been in. I go to Brookland’s Finest and Steel Plate too, also don’t forget Smith Public Trust. The beer menu at BP is far better.

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