FroZenYo Closed Chinatown Location Saturday

712 7th St, NW

Thanks to all who sent emails and tweets about FroZenYo closing in the former Ruby Tuesday space by the Verizon Center. They only opened up last year. Strange. Beginning of the end of Fro Yo in DC?


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  • DC should get on bing soo, so that I can have bing soo in DC

  • Hmm. Now there’s no place to get FroYo in the Chinatown/Penn Quarter area. 3 months ago you could choose between FrozenYo and TangySweet. Now both are closed. I’m not too torn up because I didn’t think either was all that good. But one good FroYo place wouldn’t be so bad.

    I guess I’ll just head to Mr. Yogato when I’m craving some, there’s is the best in the city by far.

  • I was in the location at Farragut Square at lunchtime recently and found it odd that they were only offering three or four flavors, out of the dozen-ish they have capacity for. I knew they scaled back operating hours at some locations during cold weather, but something seemed amiss here.

    • I want to say the one along Connecticut between Dupont and Farragut has been “having maintenance” done for a week or so… fishy.

      • Yeah, that sign on the door of Pinkberry has been there since December. I tweeted their HQ about it and got no response.

  • I’ve always thought frozen yogurt is seasonal. If they operated that way, maybe they’d still be open, IDK. I’m probably generalizing but the idea of eating frozen yogurt in 20 degree weather doesn’t sound exciting.

  • FroZenYo’s friendship heights location has been closed for a few weeks now. At first I though they were closing a bit for winter but now all signage is gone and Booeymonger has put chairs and tables in.

    Sad cause I liked their tart yogurt and this location was actually clean.

  • Didn’t sweetgreen stop selling froyo too?

  • I find it interesting that both Pitango and Dolchezza locations around the city usually seem to have plenty of business even in cold weather. Perhaps the fro-yo decline is due to more options for tastier (and presumably less healthy) treats?

  • Their location on Georgia Ave near Howard University is closed too, so I’d say they’re done.

  • Fro Zen Yo at 2301 Georgia ave is going strong. Hours were changed to Monday thru Saturday 1-8 until spring. Will open Sundays depending on weather. I just was there. Very clean and all options were available even Nathan’s Hotdogs and Nachos

  • The word now is that the property will offer FroYo a smaller lease so they can reopen!!! And they may have donuts too!!!

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