That was Fast! Salt and Pepper Grill III (Indian) Now Open on Upper Georgia Ave


Last week we learned that Salt and Pepper Grill III was taking over the former Chocolate Crust space on Georgia Ave just south of Missouri by the Walmart. Thanks to a reader for sending the update – though they didn’t particularly like the naan:

“the lamb roganjosh was delicious! and the place is decorated very well, better than the other two. lunch buffet service starts today…”


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  • I’m really excited about this place! Can’t wait to stop by for some take-out.

  • Oh man, I really hope this place delivers….

  • Blithe

    Yum! I really like Salt and Pepper Grill, and I’m excited because this location is relatively convenient for me. If they deliver and my neighborhood is within their boundaries, I will be extremely happy.

  • These guys are awesome (i live near/favor the 14th st location). Upper GA ave, you’re finally getting some more love 🙂

  • binpetworth

    The naan at the 14th St location is phenomenal–hopefully the OP’s experience was just a minor opening day glitch!

  • I’m glad they will have a sit down space as well. I’m happy that the investment in Chocolate Crust did not go to waste.

  • I officially live within a mile and a half of all three Salt and Pepper Grill locations…maybe now I’ll finally try them out!

  • Yummmm!!!! I can’t wait to check this place out. I’ve heard so many people talk about Salt & Pepper and how it’s their go-to delivery and carry out place.

    • seriously, it’s really good. so hard to find fairly priced take-out (or better yet, delivery) food in this city. these guys fit the bill. and they’re nice to boot.

  • A couple tips:

    If you want spicy – ask for it.

    The food is very heavy with cream because it is northern Indian/Pakistani, so you may want to get a mix of cream dishes v. non-cream dishes.

    Otherwise, it is really pretty good for a take out indian place. I like the eggplant and the malai kofta.

  • Does anyone know their hours?

  • The Salt and Peppers are pretty much what I had hoped for in Fusion– a reasonably priced curry house. The food at Fusion was good, but the prices just weren’t what Petworth–especially Georgia Ave.–could support.

  • What a welcome addition to the neighborhood! The owner is very nice, and I think this is exactly what the neighborhood needs, reasonably price, decent ethnic food. Some curries are better than others, but it’s all decent, and a hundred notches up from papa johns or little ceasers. I think this place can do well, Indian food is a much needed staple in the land of Chinese carry-outs.

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